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Money Saving Tips: Energy efficiency in the home

AUBURN, Alabama–For many, opening the monthly power bill can be a stressful experience. If you are one of those people constantly wondering why your power bill  is so high, take a moment to reflect on your daily routines. You may find that too often you wake up hot in the middle of the night, run to the thermostat and turn the air down extremely low. It’s these small moments that can make a huge impact on your finances.

“Cutting costs is a high priority for many families,” said Isaac Chappell, a regional agent in consumer science and personal financial management with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System.

Below are some of Chappell’s  tips for saving on energy.

“Some won’t apply to your situation; some you are already doing,” said Chappell. “But, many will be new ideas or ideas you know you should have been trying before now.”

  shutterstock_252157960_lopolo1. The Thermostat
In the summer months try keeping your thermostat at 78° or above. In the winter, keep it at 68° or below. Constantly adjusting the thermostat sends your heating and cooling units into overdrive. When the unit is working twice as hard to change the temperature of a room, it is using twice the amount of energy. 

2. Home Improvements
Check for air leaks around doorways and windows. If you can feel air coming in, the warm or cool air you are pumping into your home is leaking out. Home projects such as replacing weather stripping and caulking around windows are fast and inexpensive.

3. Call in an Expert
Companies such as Alabama Power offer personal in-home estimates by sending an expert to your home who will help you find ways to save energy each month. The best part: it’s free! All it takes is filling out a quick online application. 

shutterstock_237803821_Maciej Czekajewski4. Ceiling Fans
After setting the thermostats properly check to make sure your ceiling fans are at the right setting. In summer, set the ceiling fans to blow air downward, utilizing the windchill effect. In the winter, switch the fans to blow air upward. This allows for the warm air gathered at the ceiling to be forced downward and circulated throughout  the room.


5. Move
Often families find themselves in a home that is larger than what they need. If that is the case then you’re also paying a power bill that is too high. Downsizing homes will dramatically change what you pay for energy each month.

6. Redecorate
Want an excuse to get new curtains? Using insulated or heavy draperies allows your home to be more energy efficient and will make your living room look great.

7. Accessorize
If you’re cold reach into your closet and grab your favorite sweater. Warm up by layering before adjusting the thermostat.

8. Air Filters
Use your monthly power bill as a reminder to replace your air filter. Replacing your air filter not only helps reduce dust and allergens but also allows your unit to run more efficiently by using the least amount of energy possible.

Small savings add up and can be used to fund your next family vacation or buy a new car. By practicing energy efficiency, you’ll also be doing your part in helping the environment. Remember these tips and more, and watch as the savings begin to make a difference.


Thermostat image:  lopolo/shutterstock.com

Fan image: Maciej Czekajewski/shutterstock.com



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