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Outdoor Etiquette: Mind Your Manners

Outdoor Etiquette: Mind Your Manners

AUBURN, Ala.-People think of etiquette as something used at a dinner table, but etiquette is an important element of many outdoor activities. Hunting, fishing, hiking and even walking your dog all have an etiquette that you should follow.

When you are hunting, do you know where you are hunting? Do you have permission to be on that property? Are you cleaning up after yourself when you leave? These are all questions you must ask yourself before and after you go hunting on a piece of property.

Dr. Jim Armstrong, an Alabama Extension wildlife specialist said that there are five common sense etiquette rules but seem to be broken quite frequently. The one that seems to be the biggest problem is hunters and outdoorsmen not respecting property boundaries.

“Nothing ruins a hunting trip like having uninvited guests come on to your property,” said Armstrong. “I am not talking about an honest mistake, rather folks that are just inconsiderate. I do not enjoy confrontation, especially with someone who has a firearm. Always remember to know where you are hunting and if you have permission to be there.”

Armstrong, who is also a professor of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences at Auburn University, offered more etiquette rules that outdoorsmen must follow.

Handling firearms in a safe way: If land owners see you are careless with your firearm, most of them will not invite you back. Life is too precious, and the consequences are too serious for you to be offered a second chance.

Being loud: Always be aware that there might be people around you about to take down the deer of a lifetime. It is important to keep the noise level down to a minimum.

Failing to sign in: If you are in a club with several members, you should have a system in place where you know who is on what stand. Failing to do this could result in you walking into a stand that is already occupied and than could be unsafe.

Always clean up: Remember to clean up your trash when hunting on someone else’s property. Leave something in just as good or better shape than you found it. This will do nothing but increase your chances of being invited back to hunt.

When you are participating in any outdoor activity, it always a good thing to keep these rules in the back of your mind. This ensures you and land owners will have the best experience possible.

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