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Pasta Can be a Healthy Dish

Pasta Can be a Healthy Dish

AUBURN, AL—Pasta is a simple dish that is a go-to dish for many college students. The cheap, go-to ones are usually mac and cheese and Ramen Noodles.

Instead of looking at pasta as the enemy, embrace it as a vital energy source. The trick is to make pasta part of a varied diet.

Let’s talk about how to make pasta healthy. Pasta has many benefits, especially when you add different ingredients.

Helen Jones, a regional agent in human nutrition, diet and health with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, said, “The thing with Ramen Noodles and other microwavable pasta, is they are not bad but you have to eat them in moderation. You can add vegetables or lean meats to make it healthier.”

“Always remember to look at the nutrition facts label, especially make sure it has low sodium, cholesterol and fat,” said Jones.

For microwavable pastas, you add the flavoring and water and heat it up for a few minutes and viola, a meal. Microwavable foods can be quick and easy, but making pasta from scratch can be just as easy.

Extension Specialist and Auburn University Assistant Professor Dr. Onikia Brown, RD, said, “Pasta is rich in vitamin A, folic acid, potassium and protein. In addition to those nutrients, whole-grain pasta is an excellent source of B vitamins and is higher in fiber.”

“Pasta also provides energy for maintenance and growth and it is an inexpensive food,” Brown added.

“Portion control is most important. Eating huge portions of pasta smothered with cheese or a heavy cream sauce expands waistlines,” said Brown.

Finding simple made-from-scratch pasta recipes online is easy.  Throw a pasta party by making something delicious, healthy and simple.

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