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Impatiens: One of Top Bedding Plants in Alabama

Impatiens: One of Top Bedding Plants in Alabama


Auburn, Alabama—Impatiens are beautiful and are one of the top bedding plants in Alabama. Impatiens flowers are very bright and can light up any room.

Growing impatiens are quite easy also. The key to success is keeping them watered until they get into the ground once you bring them home,

“The plant is mainly used as bedding plants and house plants. Impatiens can also be used for edging shady beds, massing under trees, window boxes and hanging baskets,” stated Nelson Wynn, an Alabama Extension  regional home grounds, gardens and home pests  agent.

The plant is a good selection for shady spots because they come in many bloom colors. With proper care, impatiens will fill your flower beds with a beautiful variety of colors.

To ensure the plant flourishes, Wynn stated, “Impatiens can be grown from seed and cuttings. If growing from seed sow indoors 12 weeks before the last frost. Do not cover the seeds with soil because it needs light to germinate. Cover the seed trays with clear plastic to maintain high humidity, but remove when seeds germinates, which will take 14 to 21 days. Impatiens will need lots of water during the hottest part of the summer. Therefore, avoid sunny locations because plants will require too much water.”

Finally, be sure to provide the plants with plenty of water. Plants under stress from insufficient water will not bloom as heavily as healthy plants. The closer impatiens are placed the taller they will grow so keep that in mind while planting also.

“Impatiens are one of the best bedding plants because they bloom in deep shade better than other annuals, and because of the variety of color available. Impatiens are also one of the best because of its beauty and ease of growth,” stated Wynn.

Overall, the plant provides a beautiful array of colors and gives the south a more tropical feel.  Learn more about caring for impatiens and other annual bedding plants at www.aces.edu.

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