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4-H Give to Grow Innovation

4-H Give to Grow Innovation

Auburn, Ala. — You have seen the headlines about how U.S. students lag behind on international tests in science, technology, engineering and math, while our international competitors soar.

With STEM fields dominating the growth of the global marketplace, enrichment programs such as Alabama 4-H’s “4-H Innovators” are fundamentally necessary to provide young people with the creative environment and outlets to grow into the dynamic problem solvers that are needed in the global economy of the 21st century.

“As concerned educators, we know how important it is to do something different and something better. For our nation to be economically robust and globally competitive, our young people have to be an educated, creative and powerful workforce. It’s not only important to our nation, but also to our families and communities, and especially to the young people themselves,” said Dr. Molly Gregg, assistant director, 4-H Youth Development with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System.

Through the 4-Hi program, Alabama youth are able to take information gained in formal classroom settings and combine that with hands-on approaches and methods introduced in the program in a way that transforms young learners and problem solvers into confident and capable individuals who can work in teams or independently to solve complex problems in creative ways.

4-H Innovators Program

  • Provides a hands-on approach to science, engineering, technology and math
  • Develops workforce skills such as problem-solving and critical-thinking
  • Creates comfortable and exciting learning environments where kids can discover their inherent abilities to seek answers
  • Helps young people learn to identify and solve problems through innovative technological solutions
  • Follows a process which mirrors the real-world processes used in engineering

Alabama 4-H’s Give to Grow campaign allows you to support 4-H and help it reach more young people.

With funding from county, federal and state sources declining and tax dollars only going so far, Alabama 4-H program relies on support from youth, families, Extension specialists and agents, volunteers, partners and donors to succeed.

Last year, Alabama 4-H worked with more than 138,000 youth. When you give to 4-H, you enrich young lives through designated support of a project area, event, scholarship or improved facilities.

Supporting Give to Grow

  • Cash—This is the easiest way of giving to 4-H. Make checks payable to the Alabama 4-H Club Foundation, Inc., and mail to 227 Duncan Hall, Auburn, University, 36849
  • Credit Cards—Visit the Alabama 4-H Club Foundation website at alabama4hfoundation.org for details about giving by credit card.
  • Other ways to give—Securities, corporate matching gifts and planned deferred gifts are a few of the additional ways to give. For more options, visit the Alabama 4-H Club Foundation website at alabama4hfoundation.org.

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