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Many Frogs and Toads Call Alabama Home

AUBURN, Ala. – Sitting on your porch listening to the sounds coming from your backyard can be a relaxing way to enjoy a summer evening. Among those sounds, you will more than likely hear the calls of frogs and toads. Dr. Jim Armstrong, an Alabama Extension wildlife specialist, said that many frog and toad species call Alabama home.

“The climate in Alabama is perfect for a good diversity of frogs and toads to live,” said Armstrong. “Every species has their own distinct call and can be identified by their call.”

Most frogs and toads do most of their calling during the evening or right at sunset. Most people associate the calling of frogs and toads during warm weather. Armstrong said that some can begin calling earlier in the year.

“Certain species begin their calling for mating purposes in colder weather, some as early as February,” said Armstrong. “When they begin calling, it can be a sign that warmer weather is on its way.”

Armstrong said that there are certain steps you can take to enhance your backyard to attract frogs and toads.

“Having a water garden as well as some form of vegetation cover can be a great way to attract frogs and toads to your backyard,” said Armstrong. “Having frogs and toads around your home can reduce the amount insects as well as give you a peaceful sound to listen to in the evening time.”

The Alabama 4-H Science School has a variety of frogs and toads in its wildlife collection. The 4-H Science School uses its live animal programs to teach about the state’s biodiversity and to foster interest in environmental stewardship.

For a complete list of toads and frogs that live in Alabama visit Outdoor Alabama online at http://www.outdooralabama.com/frogs-and-toads-alabama.

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