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Extension launches new drought website

Extension launches new drought website

AUBURN, Ala. – The Alabama Cooperative Extension System launched a new website this week to help farmers and producers combat drought conditions. Alabama is experiencing exceptionally dry conditions this year. Some parts of the state need as much as 15 inches of rain to break the drought.

This new website includes several news articles and educational resources by Alabama Extension specialists. These resources range from articles on drought tolerant plants that could harm livestock, to alternative feeding strategies. Also,  the website has an up-to-date drought monitor for the state, as well as a link to the USDA drought monitor.

Hay for sale

During times of drought, a producer’s hay supply can become limited. To help producers prepare for the upcoming winter feeding season, there is a link listing hay that is for sale around the state. The link shows you where the hay is located, as well as contact information for each seller. If you have a surplus hay and would like to list it for sale, you can do so at the  provided link.

Visit the  Alabama Extension drought website at  www.aces.edu/drought 


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