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Holiday Traditions

Holiday Traditions

AUBURN, Ala.- It is the most wonderful time of the year! Holiday season is full of joy, decorations, family, friends and gatherings. As early as   Dec. 1, Christmas music is playing, getting people in the holiday spirit. Holiday season brings holiday traditions.

Wanda Carpenter, a family and child development regional agent with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System says, “Traditions are important to strengthen families. They link people together and can provide a reflection on the meaning of family and the history of those who came before them. Most traditions provide either joy, fun or a sense of self and family.”  The holiday season often provides opportunities for families to gather together for a special family meal and fellowship.

Here a few holiday traditions.

Decoration Traditions

What would holiday season be without decorations? Every town has that one house that  out does everyone else with decorations from blow up Santas and reindeer to candy canes, snowmen and sometimes even fake snow.  Most people just hang wreaths on their doors and windows.

In addition, decorations fill the inside of the home. Inside decorations include handing stockings on the mantel, nativity scenes, poinsettias and of course trees covered in colorful lights and ornaments and presents under the tree.

Religious Traditions 

Attending religious services on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day is the norm. Other popular Christmas traditions are the lighting of the candles on the Advent Wreath. Kwanza is also celebrated from Dec. 26 until Jan. 1. Each day of Kwanza is associated with a symbol and a principle or value is celebrated. Jewish communities celebrate Hanukkah. It brings families together to light menorah candles and exchange gifts for  eight nights.

Basic Traditions 

Sending Christmas cards is another tradition for many. People enjoy sending holiday greetings to friends and family. Baking Christmas cookies, and other sweets , building ginger bread houses, drinking hot chocolate or eggnog,  and attending holiday parties are all popular traditions, as are caroling from door to door and touring neighborhoods to see special decorations and lights.


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