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Alabama Bee Workshop Dec. 12-14 in Auburn

Alabama Bee Workshop Dec. 12-14 in Auburn

Auburn, Alabama — Bees are fundamental to ensuring that Alabama’s farms can produce a diversity of food. The Bee Biodiversity Initiative at Auburn University will host an Alabama Bee Workshop Dec. 12-14 on the Auburn campus. Attendees will brainstorm about how to harness the state’s native bees, flies and butterflies to help Alabama farmers produce high quality food along with the opportunity to tap into the emerging market of specialty crops.

“Join us and meet fellow native bee enthusiasts and professionals, and attend presentations and site visits in one of three tracks based on your interests,” said Charles Ray, an Extension bee specialist.

During the three-day workshop, there will be discussions about bee health, pollinator research and new projects in spices and specialty produce.

Dec. 12

Dec. 12, the discussion is about the health of Alabama pollinators and how can we improve it. That morning includes discussions on status of Alabama’s native bees, pesticide use, fungicides and bee diseases.

After a light lunch and some honey tasting, the afternoon session includes discussion on using specialty crops to diversify Alabama farms and help pollinators. A specialty crop dinner provided by AU’s Executive chefs, will follow the afternoon session.

Dec. 13

On Dec. 13, the topic of discussion will be on “How we can develop tools to work together on pollinators.” The morning session includes a hackathon for mobile tools that connect farms and research. The afternoon session will be on identifying insects and pollination delivery.

Dec. 14

Dec. 14, the discussions includes “How we can harness pollinators to serve farms.” The day also includes an all day visit to Birmingham’s Ruffner Mountain to AU’s pollinator corridor.

The three-day brainstorming sessions are free, but registration is required. For more information or to register, email Charles Ray at raychah@auburn.edu or Bashira Chowdhury at bashira@uw.edu.


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