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Aquaponics Workshop Set for April 11

Aquaponics Workshop Set for April 11

AUBURN, Ala. – If you are looking for an interesting new business venture or hobby, consider attending the aquaponics workshop by Alabama Extension.

One of the hottest topics in agriculture right now is aquaponics. Aquaponics is a form of farming that integrates aquaculture and hydroponics (growing plants without soil) to provide homegrown fish and vegetables that you control. The workshop will take place April 11 from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the North Alabama Agriplex in Cullman.

Dr. David Cline, an Alabama Extension specialist in aquaculture and aquatic resources, said that the event is suited for anyone interested in aquaponics.

“The purpose of the workshop is to provide an introduction to aquaponics,” said Cline. “It is suitable for current producers as well as those who are just curious.”

At the event, attendees will get a glimpse into some of the areas of aquaponics. Some topics covered at the workshop will be the components and functions of an aquaponics set up, selecting plants and fish, small scale systems suitable for the back yard and many others topics.

Cline said that it is easy to see why aquaponics is such a popular topic.

“Aquaponics is a hot topic right now, combining fish and plant culture just makes sense.  It maximizes water use and utilizes all the nutrients in fish feed to grow two crops, plants and fish,” said Cline. “It helps connect people with their food builds on the local and sustainable food movements.”


Registration for the event is $30 per person if done by April 4. If there is space available, registration will be $40 per person after April 4. You will need to contact the Cullman County Extension office to make sure there is space available. To register send a check made out to Cullman County Extension to:

Cullman County Extension Office, 402 Arnolds St., NE Suite G-1, Cullman Co. Office Bldg. Cullman, AL 35055

 For more information, call the Cullman County Extension office at 256-737-9386 or cullmancounty@auburn.edu.

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  1. Aquaponics — very interesting..growing plants without soil. I’m out in California. If you know anyone that offers courses around my area could you let me know? Fascinating stuff. I work in the gardening/patio business so im always looking at new ideas for myself and possibly customers i interact with!! Wish i could join your event!! -Ryan

    • Reach out to the University of California–Davis. They are your state’s land-grant institution and the home of Cooperative Extension in California.http://ucanr.edu