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Climate and Crops iBook Wins ASABE Award

Climate and Crops iBook Wins ASABE Award

AUBURN, Ala.- Alabama Extension’s Climate and Crops iBook received an Educational Aids Blue Ribbon Award from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE). The ASABE is the home of agriculture engineers and others worldwide who work to find sustainable solutions for an ever-growing population. The Educational Aids Blue Ribbon Awards Competition, recognizes excellence in informational materials. These materials contribute to the understanding of agricultural and biological engineering subjects outside of the traditional classroom setting.

Climate and Crops iBook

Dr. Brenda Ortiz, an Alabama Extension precision agriculture specialist and lead author, said that this is the nation’s first guide to farming in a variable climate.

“This iBook outlines potential farming climate scenarios and the agronomic risks typically associated with these scenarios. It also outlines the risk management strategies that growers can adopt in response.”

In addition to Ortiz, other authors of the iBook include Austin Hagan, Robert Kemerait, R. Scott Tubbs, Kathy Flanders, James Langcuster and Jennifer Crickard.

Dr. John Beasley, head of Auburn University’s Crop, Soil and Environmental Sciences department, said that Ortiz should be commended for her work on this project.

“Dr. Ortiz has developed an outstanding tool that will benefit producers for years to come,” said Beasley. “It took a lot of time, effort and a deep commitment by Dr. Ortiz to pull together the data and information for this iBook on climate and climate impact on crop production.”

Alabama Extension director Dr. Gary Lemme said that he is proud of the acclamations that the iBook has received.

“I am extremely proud of Dr. Ortiz and her team in publishing a nationally recognized publication that benefits Alabama farmers. In addition to the ASABE award, this iBook has been recognized by a professional communications organization as the top digital educational book released this year,” said Lemme. “This iBook provides farmers with the practical guidance they need to adjusting production practices to constantly changing weather trends.”

For more information or a free download of the Climate and Crops iBook, visit Alabama Extension online at http://www.aces.edu/extcomm/publications/signature/climate//.

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