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Keep Emergency Kit and Supplies Current

Keep Emergency Kit and Supplies Current

AUBURN, Alabama — When did you update your emergency kit? Don’t just pack your kit and forget about it.  With Hurricane Irma just a few days away from the United States coast, finalize your preparations now.

Store in Accessible Location

Put your emergency kit and supplies in a safe and easily accessible location.  For a complete list of what to keep in your kit, check out Stock the Basics for Emergencies, part of Alabama Extension’s Emergency Handbook.

Refresh Food Supplies Every Six Months

Every six months you should rotate your food supplies by moving them out of your emergency kit and into your pantry. It is also a good time to check the expiration dates on food supplies and buy fresh supplies for your emergency stockpile. This ensures your food supplies are fresh and edible when an emergency strikes.

Rotate Prepackages Water Bottles Once a Year

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Also, rotate your emergency water. Rotate stored tap water every six months. Rotate prepackaged bottled water once a year.

Check First-Aid kit and Replace Expired Products and Medications Every Six Months

Check your first-aid kit every six months and replace any expired products, medications and over-the-counter drugs.

The Alabama Cooperative Extension System has an iBook to help families, businesses and communities prepare for storms and clean up after they pass. The Emergency Handbook is a comprehensive resource for emergency planning, preparation and storm recovery. It is available as a free download from iBooks and also online on the Alabama Extension website.




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