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Alabama Extension: Recovery Resource for State’s Residents

Alabama Extension: Recovery Resource for State’s Residents

AUBURN, Ala.—Irma will pass over Alabama sometime Monday most likely as a tropical storm, but the storm’s impacts will be felt by Alabama residents for the coming days, weeks and possibly months.

Dr. Gary Lemme, director of the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, reminds citizens that Alabama Extension professionals will be partners in recovery efforts.

“Extension has a wealth of recovery information available on our website,www.aces.edu,” said Lemme. “Citizens can also access this information via their smartphones.”

Recovery Resources

Recovery resources include information valuable for family, farms and other businesses.

  • Personal safety after a storm
  • Storing food safely during a power outage
  • Threats from fire ants, snakes and other wildlife after a storm
  • Reentering and cleaning up a flooded home
  • Recovering family treasures
  • Saving damaged trees
  • And more

“Our Emergency Handbook is also available for download to your iPhones and iPads.   I encourage people to download it now before the storm strikes the state.”

To download the Emergency Handbook, visit iTunes here.

Presence in Every County

Additionally, Lemme noted that by having a presence in every Alabama county, Extension is uniquely positioned to provide disaster support.

“We can offer boots on the ground support to citizens, including the state’s farmers,” said Lemme. “As a part of the state’s two public land grant universities, Alabama A&M and Auburn, we can provide research-based resources.”

The storm will pass through some of the state’s most valuable farming areas, as farmers are trying to complete harvest of some crops including peanuts and prepare to harvest cotton and soybeans.

“Extension professionals will provide critical intelligence as well as analysis that will enhance disaster relief response for farmers,” said Lemme. “After disasters, we also serve as an information pipeline between our farmers and state and federal agencies.”

In addition, Lemme emphasized Extension and its close partnerships with state and federal agencies as well as the state’s farming organizations will benefit recovery efforts.

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