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Preparation for Power Outages

Preparation for Power Outages

AUBURN, Ala. – With Tropical Storm Nate approaching, Alabama residents should prepare for power outages. The exact path Irma will take is unclear, but there is potential for strong winds and heavy rains in Alabama. There are several guidelines to ready homeowners for outages. Following these guidelines will make power outages more bearable for families during time without power.

  • Homeowners should always know where their flashlight and batteries are. They should be in a place that can be easily accessed. You might consider purchasing battery operated lanterns for additional light source.
  • If you have a generator, keep it in good working order. Have a supply of fuel on hand. Always keep generators outside. Using them in an enclosed space can kill you.
  • Check for easy access to your gas or charcoal grill if you have stored it for the season. Gas and charcoal grills are intended for outdoors use; do not use them indoors.
  • Check insulation in attics, basements and crawl spaces. Adequate insulation helps maintain your home’s temperature.
  • Make sure you can access your first aid kit and fire extinguisher.
  • Restock food and water supplies, especially items that require no cooking or refrigeration.
  • Keep your car’s fuel tank full.

Emergency Preparedness

The Alabama Cooperative Extension System has an iBook to help families, businesses and communities prepare for storms and clean up after they pass. The Emergency Handbook is a comprehensive resource for emergency planning, preparation and storm recovery. It is available as a free download from iBooks.

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