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Exercise for 50+

Exercise for 50+

Auburn, Alabama — Exercising might be easier said and done for many people. It gets harder when you get older. The most critical stage in life to maintain a healthy lifestyle is age 50 and beyond. Individuals in this age group sometimes have difficulty mobilizing as a way of exercise.  Many can still maintain a healthy lifestyle by just moving.

What you can do

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There are many things that the 50+ community can do to keep moving. Gardening, babysitting for grandkids, walking in a park. or something as simple as raking leaves in the yard can help keep you moving and improve your lifestyle.

“The top five health concerns that seniors face are: arthritis, heart disease, cancer, respiratory diseases and Alzheimer’s disease. Physical activity can help decrease these health problems,” said Helen Jones, a regional Alabama Extension agent in Human Nutrition, Diet and Health.

Where to start

Although there are certain exercises to perform for certain health conditions, there is one particular activity that the 50+ community can adapt to their lifestyle. “Walking is a good exercise that one can do at little cost,” said Jones.  The only cost might be buying a  good pair of walking shoes.

Jones recommends that individuals in the 50+ community, check out the National Institute of Aging at NIH to learn about additional exercises and physical activities they can do.

Stay healthy

Exercising is important. It is life changing when an individual starts doing physical activities early as well as making healthy eating choices. Jones suggested visiting myplate.gov to get several examples of things that you can do to stay healthy.

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