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Avoiding Stress During the Holidays

Avoiding Stress During the Holidays

AUBURN, Ala. – While the holidays can be a time of fun and fellowship, they can also be a time of stress. There are some healthy ways to reduce stress and make the most of your holiday season.

Synithia Flowers, a regional Alabama Extension agent who focuses on family and child development, offers some advice.


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“First, don’t try to control everything; let your family help you,” said Flowers.  “If you are hosting a holiday dinner, don’t put so much pressure on yourself to produce the perfect meal. Instead, assign every family member a dish to bring.

“By having clear expectations and action plans, you will be able to maintain a sense of control and reduce associated anxiety and stress.”

This holiday season, rather than letting the anxieties of the busy, long days get to you, Flowers suggests using the following tips to help you have a more relaxed and positive holiday season.

Make time to exercise

It is very important during these colder months to get outside and soak up some Vitamin D. Going on a long walk or bike ride can help reduce stress and give you time to clear your head.

Eat healthy

One of the best things about the holidays is coming home to the smell of fresh baked pumpkin bread, or any traditional holiday favorites on a cold winter night. This year, try to substitute some of your comfort food favorites for healthier alternatives. The cold weather already makes it hard to stay active and get out of the house. Heavy comfort foods are not going to keep you energized or feeling your best.

Don’t break the bank

The best presents aren’t always the most expensive, but the most thoughtful. If you find yourself stressed about the money you  spend during the holidays, get creative. There are plenty of gifts that are more thoughtful and less expensive, such as a photo books and framed family pictures to name a few. Another way to save some money is to do a secret Santa with some of your close friends.

Follow these easy tips to ensure your holiday season is more relaxed.

“It is important to allow some flexibility and to simply enjoy the magic of these once-a-year occasions,” Flowers said.




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