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Horticulture Gifts for Christmas

Horticulture Gifts for Christmas

AUBURN, Alabama — With Christmas around the corner, it’s time to seriously think about gifts. Whether it’s for a gardener, from the garden or for the garden, there are many suitable horticulture gifts for Christmas.

Horticulture Gifts for Gardeners


A great gift to give a gardener is a good pair of gardening gloves. Gloves not only protect hands from getting dirty, but they also prevent hands from thistles and cuts while doing work like digging or pruning in the garden.

Heavy Duty Hand Cream

Another necessity for a gardener is heavy duty cream or a similar product that contains petroleum or lanolin. Extensive gardening can cause large cracks, splitting of the nails and even calluses. Ingredients such as petroleum and lanolin help repair dry and cracked hands. A heavy-duty cream is very useful to gardeners to help instantly boost moisture levels and prevent moisture loss. It can even create a protective barrier on the skin’s surface.

A Hat

Gardener’s are constantly exposed to the sun. A hat is a great gift to help cover up the head while outside and avoid excessive sun exposure. It can provide protection to the face and neck.


A pair of pruners with a replaceable blade is another great gift for a gardener. Kerry Smith with the Alabama Extension home grounds team said a good pair of pruners should have a replaceable blade. “When I buy a good a pair of pruners, I want a pair that I can sharpen the blade,” she said. “Over time I’m erasing a little bit of the edge of it when I sharpen it. After a while, the blade starts to miss the other half and tears, instead of cuts, when pruning. I need pruners that I can remove the old blade and replace it with a new blade.”

Horticulture Gifts from the Garden


Giving from the garden can be a special Christmas gift. Any extra produce from the garden is an easy way to create a special gift for someone. Apples, beets, pears, pumpkins, pomegranates and sweet potatoes are just a few examples of fall fruits and vegetables used as gifts.


Plants make great gifts, especially for Christmas. A couple holiday favorites are the poinsettia and Christmas cactus. Poinsettias convey a meaningful connection with Christmas. They’re also easy to take care of with regular watering and a bright, sunny window. While the poinsettia remains the most traditional of the holiday plants, a Christmas cactus in full bloom is another great gift. They can be grown indoors throughout the year and have a variety of flower colors.


Fall is the season of cleaning out the garden and raking leaves off the lawn. Instead of throwing those leaves away, use them as a gift to your garden and create a compost pile. Once a compost pile is created, the compost can be put into a shrub bed or with flowering plants. “Don’t waste a resource. Leaves falling on the lawn aren’t good for your lawn but they’re good for shrubs as mulch,” Smith said.

Rain Barrel

A rain barrel can be a great gift for the garden, especially after a dry summer. The normal rainy season is November through March or April. Rain barrels are useful to have in the garden to catch water when it comes. If there is a drought, water will be saved and the garden won’t suffer.

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