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Alabama 4-H’ers Bring Home Awards from National 4-H Poultry and Egg Conference

Auburn, Alabama — Four Alabama 4-H’ers brought home awards from the National 4-H Poultry and Egg Conference in Louisville, Kentucky. The Alabama team included Mia Daniels and Clayton Guy from Marengo County, Kenneth Reese from Jefferson County and Clay Woods from Limestone County.

Avian Bowl Knowledge Contest

Alabama Delegation. 2017 National 4-H Poultry and Egg Conference Awards–(L-R) Kenneth Reese III, Clay Woods, Clayton Guy and Mia Daniels

Mia Daniels and Clayton Guy took part in the Avian Bowl knowledge contest. It is a knowledge contest based on assigned sections within the 4-H Avian Bowl Manual. Questions come in short answer, multiple choice, spelling and fill in the blank. It is a double elimination contest.

This is the first time Alabama has sent a team to nationals in this category.  Daniels and Guy have been in 4-H for three years. Daniels has participated mainly in poultry areas including Avian Bowl, Chick Chain and the Poultry Club. Guy has participated in Avian Bowl, Poultry Club, Chick Chain and Shooting Sports. He is also president of the WHEP (wildlife) club in his school.

“Clayton and Mia have been a joy to work with. Both of them gave their all to prepare, and I’m proud of how they represented Alabama as the first Avian Bowl team for our state,” said Elizabeth Yates, a 4-H Foundation regional agent.

Egg Preparation Demonstration

Kenneth Reese placed third in the Egg Preparation Demonstration. It is a 12-minute demonstration where members cook eggs and prepare a dish.  Contestants discuss eggs, egg nutrition, the laying hen industry, food safety, and functional properties of eggs. They also talk about  the recipe that they are presenting. Members must give the recipe and a sample of their dish to the judges when the demonstration is complete. The emphasis in the competition is on speaking intelligently and competently about eggs and the layer industry.

“We are so proud and excited that Kenneth had the opportunity to represent Alabama and win third place in the National 4-H Egg Prep Demo.  He worked hard the past six years honing his demonstration, cooking and leadership skills.  It’s that hard work and dedication that made it possible for him to achieve this goal,” said Bridgett Harris and Jefferson County 4-H Team leaders.

Turkey Barbeque

Clay Woods from Limestone County placed third in Turkey Barbeque. It is a multi-layered competition that not only judges members on grilling turkey, but grilling safety, the flavor of their final product and a presentation on turkey. The presentation is 10 minutes and each participant talks about the turkey industry and its history, food safety, how turkey fits into a nutritional meal and additional information that is specific to turkeys.  Clay was secretary of his local club at Elkmont High School.

“My experience at nationals was great! It was a great learning experience and I am thankful for the opportunity to represent Alabama,” said Woods.

“I watched Clay prepare for this competition devotedly for four months. He had been grilling for a long time, but grilling turkey was a new technique that he had to develop.  He worked hard to push himself out of his comfort zone and present his oral presentation to peers and administrators throughout the county.  It is exciting to see his hard work pay off. We couldn’t be more proud of him,” said Chloe Wilson, a 4-H Foundation regional agent in Limestone County.

The National 4-H Poultry and Egg Conference recognizes senior 4-H’ers who are 14 years of age and who have excelled in their state 4-H poultry learning activities. It also helps develop leadership and decision-making skills in youth interested in poultry and poultry products

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