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Are Your Daffodils Blooming?

Are Your Daffodils Blooming?

AUBURN, Alabama—Daffodils are one of the most popular spring flowers. Their beautiful colors are a sign that spring is on its way. Lucy Edwards, an Alabama Extension regional home grounds agent, said daffodils are usually carefree plants.daffodils


“In soils that are too moist, bulbs can rot leading to blooming failure. Daffodils need good drainage for flower production,” Edwards added. “Sometimes daffodil plants may need thinning. The best time to divide plants is in the fall.”

Causes of Daffodils Bloom Failure

Edwards said other causes of bloom failure include:

  • Too much shade: Plants need to move to a sunnier location.
  • Planting depths: Always plant at the correct depth. Bulbs planted in shallow soil may result in sparse blooms.
  • Wrong Variety: Some varieties of daffodils will not reproduce in your climate. Purchase plants according to label specifics for planting locations.

One of the most common mistakes is removing the leaves too soon in the spring, according to Edwards.

“The bulb itself is an energy storage unit. It saves up energy through the dying plant material,” Edwards said. “Cutting the leaves before they die back essentially steals the nutrients from the next year’s growth and flower production.”

If your daffodils did not bloom this year, do not give up on them. Edwards said there is a possibility they will bloom next year.

“It is possible for bulbs that haven’t bloomed in the past to bloom the following year. Home gardeners need to do a little detective work to determine the cause behind the poor flower production,” Edwards said. “Sometimes, it can be as simple as feeding the bulbs with a fertilizer. A soil test can also be obtained through the Alabama Soil Testing Lab. Test results provide fertilizer recommendations specifically for your soil.”

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