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How to Deal With Varmints that Invade Your Home

How to Deal With Varmints that Invade Your Home

AUBURN, Alabama—Have you ever had a varmint get in the attic or basement or garage areas of your home? If so, you know the whole house can become a war zone. Varmints can chew on or destroy wood, siding, wiring, ventilation areas and screens.

What is a varmint?

A varmint is an undesirable troublesome wild animal. Personal opinion comes into play when decided which animals are unwanted, but it is important to know how to handle them in a personal space. Hostility can put the animal or even the person in danger if a struggle occurs.

To prevent home animal invasions, conduct regular perimeter checks of your property and ventilation areas. If you notice a problem area, fix the location with screen or other building materials. Before addressing the spot, be sure to check interior spaces that may have been affected as well.

Common Varmints Found in Attics

Sytilin Pavel/shutterstock.comAnimals commonly found in an attic include squirrels, bats, mice and occasionally rat snakes. Birds can also be a problem. They can enter through holes or vents. In most cases, an animal chews through a screen to create an entry way for others to follow.

Regional Extension Agent Jordan Graves specializes in forestry, wildlife and natural resource management. “I wouldn’t advise homeowners to remove pests themselves, but instead call a wildlife removal specialist,” said Graves.

In the event that bats have entered your attic, it is important to notice when they are present and absent from the space. It is best to let the bats leave for a period then cover the entry way that has been breached.

The best way to handle a varmint problem is for a professional removal specialist to set a trap that ensures a proper removal process. After the animal is removed, repair the entry way so it can’t be breached again. If you have an ongoing problem, observe the space to see what is attracting the varmints. Be sure that you are storing food properly, sealing containers and reducing clutter.

If an issue arises, be sure to contact your county Extension agent.

To quickly get in touch with a permitted nuisance removal specialist in your area, visit http://www.outdooralabama.com/permitted-nuisance-wildlife-control-operators.


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