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Alabama Producers Add Canola to Rotations

AUBURN, Ala.—Golden fields lined rural highways in central and northern parts of the state this spring as producers add canola to crop rotations. Alabama Extension Crop Specialist, Dr. Dennis Delaney said farmers are incorporating the crop in part because of its resistance to diseases that have caused issues in fields in north Alabama, but also because of benefits to soil ... Read More »

Fire Ant Stings Can Be Deadly

SELMA, Ala.—An Alabama woman recently died of anaphylactic shock after sustaining numerous fire ant stings. Allergic reactions to fire ant bites are rare, but require immediate medical attention. Fire Ant Stings May Cause Anaphylactic Shock More than one fire ant sting can result in serious medical problems, even in people with normal immune systems. While most people can tolerate stings, ... Read More »

Scouting Essential for Row Crop Farmers

AUBURN, Ala.—Insect scouting should begin in the field as soon as plants emerge. Determining the plant stand at emergence can help the farmer get a better idea of issues facing the crop. Regional Extension Agent, Rudy Yates, said plant stands may be affected by a number of problems—insect pests, disease pathogens, soil crusting, flooding and wildlife. “Check your fields weekly,” ... Read More »

Wild Pigs Growing Problem in Alabama

AUBURN, Ala.—Wild pigs have inhabited Alabama’s forests for decades, but years of suitable habitat, ample food sources and rapid reproduction have dealt landowners throughout the state a low blow. Woodlands aren’t the only areas taking a hit; farmers are dealing with hog damage in crop and pasture land. Alabama Cooperative Extension Forestry and Wildlife Specialist, Dr. Mark Smith, said the ... Read More »

Farmers Fight Low Prices with Diversification, Crop Rotations

AUBURN, Ala. — In recent years, farmers have seen record high and low prices for all things sold in the agricultural market. Market prices rely on worldwide supply and demand, so production on the world scale hits home for Alabama producers when prices stay low and cost of production remains high. Producers throughout the country are making adjustments on the ... Read More »

Grow A Perfect Tomato

photo by shutterstock.com/stevemart

AUBURN, Ala.—Tomato plants are a staple in any backyard or container garden. Some growers prefer smaller, early ripening varieties, while others prefer bigger tomatoes—ready later in the season. Regardless of personal preference, Marcus Garner, Alabama Cooperative Extension urban regional agent said the most important tomato-growing consideration is the temperature and weather. “Often times we are so preoccupied with getting our ... Read More »

Pregnancy Examinations Valuable Tool for Beef Producers

AUBURN, Ala.—Beef cattle producers in Alabama work diligently to maintain healthy and productive herds. Difficult management decisions are made on a daily basis in order to keep the farm fruitful and functioning. Alabama Cooperative Extension System Veterinarian Dr. Soren Rodning said pregnancy examinations are an important management tool that may improve the reproductive efficiency of a beef herd and reduce ... Read More »

Controlled Breeding Season Beneficial for Cattle Producers

AUBURN, Ala.—Producers have access to many tools to improve herd health and productivity, but setting a predetermined breeding and calving season may prove to be a beneficial choice both economically and logistically. Alabama Extension Animal Science and Forages specialist, Dr. Lisa Kriese-Anderson, said environmental conditions and labor are important considerations when making decisions regarding breeding and calving seasons. “A calving ... Read More »

Cover Crop Residue May Provide Thrips Control

AUBURN, Ala.—Cotton fields in the south are ravaged by thrips each year. While there are seed treatments available to producers for thrips control, many fields still see moderate thrips damage. Alabama Cooperative Extension researchers are beginning the second year of trials to study the use of cover crop residue as a deterrent for thrips. Retired Extension Entomologist Dr. Ron Smith ... Read More »

Successful Calving Seasons Require Planning

AUBURN, Ala.—Successful calving seasons are a direct result of detailed planning and hard work. Most producers in Alabama have spring or fall calving seasons, as the weather is better suited for young calves. Dr. Soren Rodning, Alabama Cooperative Extension System veterinarian, said observation of cows and heifers before and during calving season is necessary to ensure the health and safety ... Read More »