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Senior Adults: Eat Smart for Good Health

Americans are living longer, so good nutrition and regular physical activity are keys to good health. Smart eating means including a variety of foods in your diet each day. Foods provide the energy, protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber and water you need for good health. Nutrition is important through all stages of life — from childhood through late adulthood,” said Carolyn ... Read More »

Beware of Phishing Scams

Have you received email with a message similar to the this: “We suspect an unauthorized transaction on your account. To ensure that your account is not compromised, please click the link below and confirm your identity.”  “During our regular verification of accounts, we couldn’t verify your information. Please click here to update and verify your information.” It’s a scam called ... Read More »

Mulching Tips for Shrubbery in the Home Landscape

Mulching may be your shrubbery’s best friend, especially during hot, dry periods of summer. In addition to retaining soil moisture, mulches suppress weeds and prevent crusting of the soil surface. Also, as mulch breaks down, it adds organic matter to the soils which acts as a natural fertilizer and great for soil structure. “In most landscape situations, mulching material should ... Read More »

Growing Figs in Alabama

You may remember with nostalgia the fig tree in your grandmother’s yard or the mouth-watering fig preserves your mother used to make. “Home grown figs are not a thing of the past. Many Alabamians still plant figs and still make those delicious preserves,” said Mike McQueen, a regional home grounds agent for Alabama Extension. In most of Alabama, figs can ... Read More »

Edible Flowers Add Beauty and Taste to Meals

Flowers are typically given as gifts or used for decoration, but when it comes to preparing a meal, flowers are not high on the list of ingredients. Kerry Smith, home grounds team co-leader for the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, suggests various types of edible flowers as well as simple guidelines to keep in mind for anyone interested in adding something ... Read More »

Nutrition in a Nutshell

Nuts are a fun-to-eat and healthy snack that can help meet daily nutrient needs. “Choose fruits, vegetables and a variety of nuts. Be sure to use snacks to compliment meals, not replace them, said Tera Glenn, a regional human nutrition, diet and health agent with the Alabama Extension. Nuts, such as pistachios and almonds, are good sources of minerals such ... Read More »


Don’t get taken on your vacation. Before you do business with a travel company, check it out with the Better Business Bureau. Travel and vacation scams usually are characterized by free or exclusive offers or unrealistic low prices. Often these scams are linked to prize promotions or sweepstakes offers. “Regardless of how they are offered, these types of scams have common ... Read More »

Tips to Help You Pay off High Interest Debt

Unfortunately, too many consumers have found out the hard way that paying off high interest debt can be a daunting task. Sometimes the sheer amount of debt along with the interest can be overwhelming. Since consumers in debt typically got that way through a series of bad decisions and poor financial management, it is not always easy to make the ... Read More »

Families Need an Emergency Savings Account

Having an emergency savings fund may be the most important difference between those who manage to stay afloat and those who are sinking financially. That’s because maintaining emergency savings of $500 to $1,000 allows you to meet unexpected financial challenges such as: Repairing the brakes on your car Buying your child a new pair of needed shoes Buying expensive prescriptions ... Read More »

Alabama Saves Week is Feb. 23-28

The Alabama Cooperative Extension System and its America Saves partners will kick off the Alabama Saves program Feb. 23-28. Various events related to becoming an Alabama saver are scheduled throughout the state. Governor Robert Bentley signed a proclamation declaring Feb. 23-28 as Alabama Saves Week. Alabama Saves Week coincides with America Saves Week, a national campaign involving more than 1,000 ... Read More »