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Youth & 4-H

Volunteer the Time to Make a Difference

4-H volunteers

A little time can go a long way and make all the difference in youth programs across the South. Time spent inspiring and teaching youth to become contributing members of society  is something all 4-H volunteers take to heart. Holly Hirsbrunner, a Junior Master Gardener (JMG) volunteer in Cullman County, has been taking time out of her days to contribute to ... Read More »

Why 4-H?

2014 Alabama 4-H Council

While most children are watching television, Instagramming or playing sports, 4-H youth across the nation are improving their social, academic and leadership skills through hands-on activities and team-building exercises. Ever wondered what the name “4-H” means? The four “H’s” stand for Head, Heart, Hands and Health. As any 4-H’er could recite, the national oath is, “I pledge my Head to ... Read More »

4-H: The Place for Children and Teens

Your Place: Alabama 4-H

Parents want children and teens involved in activities that build skills and knowledge. Young people want activities that are fun and offer variety. The answer—Alabama 4-H. Extension professionals across the state are working closely with adult and youth advisory groups to ensure that 4-H in every county is an exciting and fun place for young people aged 9 to 18 ... Read More »

District 11 App Teaches Do’s and Don’ts of Nature

Download to play

Many of today’s youth are technologically savvy, but lack knowledge of the world on the other side of the computer screen. Alabama Extension addresses this with their new  application “District 11”, available for free download from iTunes. Tributes Charged With Saving District 11 Players are greeted by mentor and guide Gideon, who explains that District 11 has been stricken with a mysterious illness. ... Read More »

Alabama 4-H Icon Honored for her Service to Extension, 4-H and Country

Ann Barr, known as the “Spirit of Alabama 4-H,” was recently honored during a celebration at Azalea Place in Auburn for her 43 years of service to Alabama Extension and 4-H, and her years of military service. A plaque honoring Barr was placed at the base of a new flag pole at Azalea Place. Retired 4-H colleagues Tony Dozier, Bob ... Read More »