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Grass and Forages: Backbone of Beef Cattle Nutrition

Beef — it’s what’s for dinner for many people.  For beef cattle, their primary diet for much of their lives is grass and other forages. This is why cattle farmers are also grass and forage farmers. Forages, including grasses, clovers and other legumes and small grains, are the nutitional foundation for beef cattle in Alabama. Generally mild weather conditions allow Alabama cattle ... Read More »

Catfish Production–Important Part of State’s Agriculture Industries

Catfish production is a major industry across the South. Alabama is the second largest catfish production in the country after Mississippi. The top four states (Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, and Texas) accounted for 94 percent of the United States total sales. In 2015, catfish sales contributed more than $104 million to Alabama’s economy. What makes Alabama unique? Alabama specifically hasn’t lost ... Read More »

Forage Focus: National Forage Week

Photo by: shutterstock.com/AnnaAzimi

National Forage Week is June 21 through June 27. But why should consumers care about the role forage crops play in animal agriculture? “Without question, forages are the most important plants on earth. Forages provide most of the nutrition for cattle, sheep, goats, horses, and mules. Forage accounts for about 25 percent of the total value of the U.S. agriculture, ... Read More »

8th Annual Small Ruminant Conference July 24-25

Alabama Extension’s Urban Affairs and New Nontraditional Program at Alabama A&M University (AAMU) and the Department of Agricultural Sciences at Tennessee State University (TSU) will present “Goat Production: the Basics” as the focus topic of the 8th Annual Small Ruminant Conference July 24 and 25. The conference will be held at Lakepoint Resort State Park in Eufaula, Alabama. Dr. Maria Leite- ... Read More »

New iBook Available on High Tunnel Crop Production

Farmers, especially vegetable and fruit producers, are always looking for ways to boost production and extend their growing seasons. High tunnel production is a method with growing popularity. The Alabama Cooperative Extension System has developed a new iBook to help farmers who are beginning high tunnel production. Available for download on iBooks, the “High Tunnel Crop Production Handbook” answers questions ... Read More »

Peaches: A Great Treat on a Hot Afternoon

Peach Crop Insurance

Peaches are a Southern tradition in the summer. They are a great treat to have on a hot afternoon. Now that peaches are in season, it is important to know how to choose the best peach and the best ways to preserve them.  When choosing the best peach, it is important to take into account how ripe it is. “Make sure ... Read More »

Biosecurity Crucial Tool In Avian Influenza Battle

Biosecurity measures in poultry houses

AUBURN, Ala.–While avian influenza has been confirmed in 20 states, Alabama remains free of the disease and Alabama poultry producers are doing all that they can to keep the disease at bay. A poultry scientist with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System said poultry producers are more vigilant than ever when it comes to sanitation and other biosecurity measures. “All our ... Read More »

Gulf Shrimp Industry: Economically Beneficial, But Facing Challenges

The Alabama State Legislature passed a bill designating the brown shrimp as the state’s official crustacean. Shrimp has a large economic impact, but is facing challenges including foreign imports and increasing regulations. With only 60 miles of Gulf coastline, one may think the shrimp industry is small and only affects the Mobile-area. According to Eat Alabama Seafood, processing shrimp and other ... Read More »

New Meat Processing Plant Brings Opportunities

AUBURN, Ala.–California-based restaurant industry supplier Golden State Foods’ plan to build a meat processing plant in Opelika, Ala. is a step in reaching the goals of the Alabama Strategic Plan for Agriculture. The strategic plan has a  a goal of expanding agriculture-related jobs by 58,000 and adding $7 billion to the state economy by 2020. With completion expected in fall 2016, the  plant will contribute ... Read More »

Oyster Farming: A Rising Trend in Alabama

Oysters not only fulfill people’s seafood cravings, they also provide a valuable natural resource for the environment and economy in Alabama. According to the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, the average contribution of traditional oyster harvest to the Alabama economy is estimated to be $3 million per year. There are currently eight commercial oyster farms and this summer Alabama will also ... Read More »