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Preparing for a Job Interview

job interview

AUBURN, Ala. —Whether you’re a recent graduate or moving on to the next phase in your life, preparing for a job interview is a key factor in getting any type of job. Making a great first impression and having the perfect resume will help enhance your interview experience, but ultimately being able to present yourself professionally will help secure your future. ... Read More »

College on a Budget


Auburn, Ala.—For most college students the thought of saving is foreign, unheard of, and seems nearly impossible. Between the costs of tuition, books and living expenses, students feel hopeless when it comes to budgeting.  However, most of them do not recognize the benefits of saving and budgeting at a young age, comparable to those who start these practices later in life. “It is important for everyone to ... Read More »

Be Safe not Sorry on ATVs

AUBURN, Ala.–ATVs, also known as all-terrain vehicles, have a reputation for being fun, dangerous and sometimes deadly to its driver and to its passengers. All-terrain vehicles can be a fun hobby for people. However, they can be a dangerous activity if they are used without the required amount of training. In most states today, it is legal for teens to ... Read More »

Extension Professionals Present NEFE Program, Equip Teachers

SELMA, ALA.—Alabama Extension professionals presented a workshop on the High School Financial Planning Program (HSFPP) to Dallas County area educators recently at the Dallas County Farmers Co-Operative. The program, fully funded by the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) and cost-free for educators, offers a full set of resources developed to facilitate interactional education between teens in grades eight through 12 ... Read More »

Buying Local Has Gone to the Cows

beef basics

AUBURN, Alabama.- It’s no secret that summer months and farmers markets just go together in the South. All across Alabama on Saturday mornings you can find local farmers taking their produce to sell at local farmers markets. Typically you see assorted fruits and vegetables. You can usually find honey and soaps and flowers as well. One new product, however, has ... Read More »

Increasing Trend of Locally Sourced Products

Locally sourced products

AUBURN, Alabama–It’s a common thing today to walk into a local restaurant or coffee shop and see on the menu that they use locally sourced products. It has been popping up seemingly everywhere, but a lot of consumers do not know what it really means. “There is no legal definition of it, so if you put that on a label of a food product there ... Read More »

Vigilance Critical in Avian Influenza Battle

Biosecurity measures in poultry houses

AUBURN, Alabama–Alabama agriculture officials and regional poultry experts continue to monitor commercial and backyard poultry operations for any sign of the avian influenza also known as bird flu. An outbreak of the deadly disease in Alabama has the potential to create a downturn in production in the state’s largest agri-business. Alabama is one of the nation’s leaders in broiler chicken production. The ... Read More »

State Parks Provide an Outlet for Adventure

Entrance to Chewacla State Park

AUBURN, Alabama–Seventy-six years ago,  the Department of Conservation Act was signed into law by Frank Dixon, the governor at the time, officially creating the Alabama State Park system and providing countless opportunities for the people of Alabama to experience nature. Since then, the number of state parks has increased to 28, not including the numerous other wildlife management areas. “The cool thing ... Read More »

Farmers Markets Benefit Alabama Communities

Auburn, Ala. —Farmers markets are a common source of local agriculture in Alabama and provide numerous benefits to the communities they are established in. The markets offer a variety of locally grown fruits and vegetables for members of the community to purchase and take home. According to the Alabama Department of Agriculture, there are more than 160 registered farmers markets ... Read More »

A Friday Worth Celebrating

Marengo County CEC Kathryn Friday recently made history for West Alabama after winning first place at the national level from the National Association of Community Development Extension Professionals (NACDEP) for her project “From an Armory to a Business Incubator.” Friday’s project was entered into the Excellence in Community Development Team where she first won first in the Southern Region before ... Read More »