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Alabama Extension’s Creative Services Unit Earns National Awards

Alabama Extension’s Creative Services Unit earned seven national awards, including the top individual award for in publishing and graphic design, at the Association for Communications Excellence national conference in Charleston, South Carolina. ACE is an international association of communicators, educators and information technologists. Bruce Dupree, manager, creative services unit for Alabama Extension since 2014, was presented the Award of Excellence ... Read More »

Extension PREPing Others for Employment

When competing for employment, preparation is key to make sure you stand out among other applicants. The Alabama Cooperative Extension System is helping people do just that through its Promoting Readiness for Employment Possibilities employment preparation program. According to the Alabama Department of Labor, in February 2015, the civilian labor force totaled 2,111,624. This number combines all Alabama residents ages 16 and older ... Read More »

New Meat Processing Plant Brings Opportunities

AUBURN, Ala.–California-based restaurant industry supplier Golden State Foods’ plan to build a meat processing plant in Opelika, Ala. is a step in reaching the goals of the Alabama Strategic Plan for Agriculture. The strategic plan has a  a goal of expanding agriculture-related jobs by 58,000 and adding $7 billion to the state economy by 2020. With completion expected in fall 2016, the  plant will contribute ... Read More »

Oyster Farming: A Rising Trend in Alabama

Oysters not only fulfill people’s seafood cravings, they also provide a valuable natural resource for the environment and economy in Alabama. According to the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, the average contribution of traditional oyster harvest to the Alabama economy is estimated to be $3 million per year. There are currently eight commercial oyster farms and this summer Alabama will also ... Read More »

The E-Waste Institute: Alabama’s E-Waste Management Initiative

Did you know the number of obsolete, broken or irreparable electronic products in households and businesses across the United States is growing at three times the rate of household trash? Further, did you know hazardous chemicals and substances such as mercury, arsenic, cadmium, lead, chromium and bromine can be found in these electronics? The need for educational information to respond ... Read More »

Alabama Community Leadership Network Spring Conference

Community leaders across Alabama are marking their calendars for the Alabama Community Leadership Network (ACLN) Spring Conference on May 6. Focusing on brain, brand and boundaries, the 2015 spring conference will prepare leaders to re-examine the way they think, how they present themselves and how far they are willing to go for their organizations. Randy Frazier, president of Frazier Communications, ... Read More »

Crop Outlook: Weather Affects Numbers

photo by: shutterstock.com/archerixs

Following a cold, wet winter in most parts of Alabama, producers are stepping back to re-evaluate plans for the growing season. With planting delayed in North Alabama and the Tennessee Valley after heavy rains, and planting delayed in the Wiregrass with no rain, Alabama Cooperative Extension Economist Max Runge said weather has had an impact on planting this season, as it ... Read More »

Better Cattle Market Prices Finally

The beef market skyrocketed after a drought forced farmers to liquidate millions of cattle in the United States, significantly reducing beef supplies.  In addition, beef demand has increased across the nation.  That means American cattle farmers have enjoyed a year where beef prices are finally getting them paid for what they do. “I feel good about the cattle prices being ... Read More »

Changing Alabama with Leadership Development Programs

AUBURN, Ala.- Through the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, the Economic & Community Development Institute, located at Auburn University, has helped promote economic prosperity and improved quality of life for communities all throughout Alabama. By establishing several different leadership development programs, the ECDI is uniquely positioned to provide leadership for economic and community development all through Alabama. One program in particular ... Read More »


Don’t get taken on your vacation. Before you do business with a travel company, check it out with the Better Business Bureau. Travel and vacation scams usually are characterized by free or exclusive offers or unrealistic low prices. Often these scams are linked to prize promotions or sweepstakes offers. “Regardless of how they are offered, these types of scams have common ... Read More »