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Nuts- Nutritional Dynamos


AUBURN, Ala.-  Next time you are off for an early morning jog or you need a mid-afternoon pick- me-up, grab a handful of nuts on your way out the door. These tiny edible seeds have more nutritional value than you think. Nuts are very underrated as a food and provide many nutritional benefits. They are rich in protein, minerals, vitamins, ... Read More »

Low Country Boil With All The Fixings

AUBURN, Ala. – One of the all-time favorite things to cook in the south during the Fall and football season is a low country boil. This is a prefect recipe to feed a large crowd all while having some fun. The following recipes are for a low country boil and side dishes that could go with it. Boiled Shrimp Ingredients ... Read More »

Coconut Oil: What You Should Know

AUBURN, Alabama – Every day it seems like we discover new health benefits where we least expect to. In recent years, coconuts, specifically coconut oil, have sparked interest among dietitians and health enthusiasts.  Articles and ads promoting weight loss, Alzheimer’s disease prevention and cardiovascular health – It’s no wonder people are going coco-nutty. What is Coconut Oil? Coconut oil is a ... Read More »

Spice up your child’s lunchbox with these quick but healthy food options


Most parents want to pack healthy yet delicious lunches for their kids, but often fail to realize which nutritious ingredients they are leaving out. Read More »

Sweet Potato Biscuits and More

AUBURN, Ala. – With sweet potato harvest in full swing, now is the perfect time to cook with freshly dug sweet potatoes. Some of these recipes are the classics that everyone loves. Others are not that conventional but are great additions to your arsenal. Sweet Potato Biscuits Ingredients 1 cup all-purpose flour 1 cup whole wheat flour ¼ teaspoon baking ... Read More »

Dove Season Recipes

AUBURN, Ala. – With dove season in full swing, hunters are going to be looking for ways to cook these game birds. These recipes are delicious ways to cook your doves this hunting season. Dove Stew Ingredients 4 dove breasts per person Buttermilk Flour ½ cup butter or margarine 1 small onion, minced 1 teaspoon seasoned salt ¼ teaspoon of ... Read More »

Are You Getting Enough Iron?

got iron

AUBURN, Ala.- Got Iron? If you do, it’s probably not enough. Iron is one of the most critical nutrients we put into our bodies. It’s easy for people to become iron deficient, but it is more common for women to have extremely low iron levels. Without iron, the body will suffer because it cannot produce enough hemoglobin, which is a ... Read More »

Themed Family Meals- All American

AUBURN, Ala. – Continuing with our themed dinner nights, these recipes will help you pull off an All-American night. When we think of things that are All-American, we think of hamburgers, apple pie and baseball. These recipes will include two of these and maybe after dinner you can go into the yard and toss around a baseball to complete your ... Read More »

Themed Family Meals- Italian

AUBURN, Ala. – Home cooks are always looking for ways to make their meals fun while also serving the purpose of feeding the family. A fun way to keep your meals interesting is having theme nights. One night it could be Mexican themed, the next it could be Chinese themed. This is a fun way to keep you family guessing ... Read More »

Quick and Easy Casserole Recipes

AUBURN, Ala. –This time of year, people are planning all sorts of events. Church functions, school events, parties, tailgating; the list goes on and on. Everyone wants to make a great impression, but do not always have the time to slave over a stove all day. Casseroles are great dishes that you can make ahead of time and freeze or refrigerate ... Read More »