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Warm Soup Recipes for a Cold Day

AUBURN, Ala. – With winter just getting started, people will be looking for any way to keep warm. One way that always seems to do the trick is making a nice hot pot of soup. These recipes are sure to help keep you warm on those cold winter days. Beef and Vegetable Soup Ingredients 1 quart defatted beef stock 1 ... Read More »

Size Matters in Food Servings

Auburn, Alabama— It can be difficult to not only maintain a healthy diet but understand the correct portion size for each meal. With restaurants serving enormous plates of food, fast food serving a whole day’s worth of calories for one meal, and pizza slices being served in larger portions every year, it has become harder to know how much to ... Read More »

Vitamins and Minerals: How much of each do you really need

Auburn, Alabama — We hear so much about the value of vitamins and minerals in helping to improve our health — but how do we know what kind and how much is the right amount? Sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals are essential because they perform hundreds of functions in the body. They help build strong bones, strengthen your immune system, ... Read More »

Storing Food During or After Emergencies

The first winter storm of 2017 has people concerned about power outages and food safety.  Taking some simple precautions when preparing food for storage is important. These include: Working with well-scrubbed hand Cleaning all utensils, cutting boards, etc. Keeping food hot (above 140 degrees F) or cold (below 40 degrees F) Common bacteria can become dangerous if given an ideal ... Read More »

The Great Debate: Fresh vs. Frozen Vegetables

Auburn, Alabama — The age-old question about the difference in nutritional value between fresh and  frozen vegetables works its way to the forefront of today’s society. So, which is better for you? The answer: fresh is always best. Dr. Michael Greene, assistant professor of nutrition in the College of Human Sciences at Auburn University, stated  that it is  not so cut ... Read More »

New Year’s Day Feast

AUBURN, Ala. – As we get ready to head into the new year, most people will be gathering together to eat the traditional New Year’s Day feast of ham, turnip greens and black eyed peas. Ham is eaten to bring good health for the upcoming year. Black eyed peas are eaten in hopes of bringing good luck. Lastly, turnip greens ... Read More »

Hydrating the Body

The Importance of Proper Hydration Auburn, Alabama — Hydrating properly is extremely important in order to keep the body operating at an optimal level. The body depends on water to aid bodily functions including digestion, blood flow, heart activity and the mental process. Proper hydration can improve every body function. “The body benefits head to toe when fluids, which are ... Read More »

Eating less processed food with less effort

Auburn, Alabama —It seems like there is always a new trend in the world of diet and nutrition. It also seems like more often than not, these trends involve avoiding certain foods. There was the low-fat fad of the 90s, the celebrity-endorsed, no-carb diet and trend of avoiding added sugar.  And now there is the latest trend: eating “clean” by ... Read More »

Candy Recipes Prefect for the Holidays

AUBURN, Ala. – The Christmas season is filled with all kinds of treats and goodies. All month long, people spend hours upon hours making their family’s favorite Christmas candies. These candy recipes are sure to add a little extra cheer to your holiday season. Chocolate Fudge  Ingredients 2 cups sugar 1 cup evaporated skimmed milk ¼ teaspoon salt 2 squares ... Read More »

Brown Rice and Quinoa: A Delicious Combination

Auburn, Ala.– Quinoa has spun the health world into a whirlwind. It has been labeled as the latest and trendiest super food for health nuts all around the world. This grain holds numerous benefits for an everyday diet. While it can be delicious, it is also substantial for your body. According to Elizabeth Phillips, a regional agent with the Alabama Cooperative Extension ... Read More »