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Fall Recipes Using Pumpkin

AUBURN, Ala. – When the leaves starts to change and the weather gets cooler, we know that it is time to get our fall recipes ready. A favorite ingredient to use in fall recipes is pumpkin. Whether it is pumpkin pie or a nontraditional recipe, everyone has a series of pumpkin recipes in their arsenal. Pumpkin Bread Ingredients 2/3 cup corn-oil ... Read More »

The Health Benefits of Eating Breakfast

Auburn, Ala. – Starting the day by eating breakfast is important for people of all ages. According to experts, there are numerous health benefits to eating breakfast; breakfast gives you energy, speeds up your metabolism and keeps you fuller longer. “Breakfast is an important meal for anyone, but especially children. Their metabolism is much higher than an adult’s. This makes ... Read More »

Serve Healthy Salads

Auburn, Alabama —Daily, the number of people affected by heart disease, high cholesterol and blood pressure rises. Doctors’ warnings about large quantities of carbohydrates lead to changes in daily diets. Many Americans turn to salads as a healthy alternative; however, some salads are healthier than others. Lettuces and Greens Lettuce and other greens remain the foundational building blocks for any salad, ... Read More »

A New Twist on Apple Recipes

AUBURN, Ala. – During the fall season one of the most popular ingredients to cook with is apples. While the traditional ways to cook apples are delicious, this season you might want to try mixing things up a little bit. These recipes are sure to bring a new twist to this fall favorite ingredient. Apple Walnut Cake Ingredients Nonstick vegetable ... Read More »

Healthy vs. Unhealthy fats

AUBURN, ALA- Today, it seems like there are more fad diets than there are people to take them. When people hear the word fat in association with food, a bad implication follows. One of the biggest misconceptions about maintaining a healthy diet is that people should avoid fatty foods. “Healthy fats are essential to the body and the body needs ... Read More »

Chili Recipes for Cool Fall Nights

AUBURN, Ala. – When the fall weather puts that little nip in the air, there is nothing better than warmer up with a hot bowl of chili. There are many recipes you can use to make chili and trying them all is the fun part. These recipes are sure to warm you up during the cool weather. Chili Ingredients Vegetable ... Read More »

Nuts- Nutritional Dynamos


AUBURN, Ala.-  Next time you are off for an early morning jog or you need a mid-afternoon pick- me-up, grab a handful of nuts on your way out the door. These tiny edible seeds have more nutritional value than you think. Nuts are very underrated as a food and provide many nutritional benefits. They are rich in protein, minerals, vitamins, ... Read More »

How to Keep Kids Safe at Halloween

Auburn, Ala.— It is time again to dress up as our favorite princess or superhero! That’s right, Halloween is upon us. Children (and adults) look forward to roaming neighborhoods for free candy the whole year. However, with great fun comes great responsibility. There are many general, food and clothing safety precautions that parents and homeowners should take before planning their trick ... Read More »

“How to Trick Your Treaters with Healthy Halloween Goodies”

Auburn, Alabama — With Halloween around the corner, parents are venturing out to local stores to purchase value size bags of inexpensive candy. While doing so, many parents disregard the thought of nutrition or the negative effects of high sugar for kids. There are many creative ways adults can “trick” their trick-or-treators by using healthy substitutions for Halloween. It can ... Read More »

Low Country Boil With All The Fixings

AUBURN, Ala. – One of the all-time favorite things to cook in the south during the Fall and football season is a low country boil. This is a prefect recipe to feed a large crowd all while having some fun. The following recipes are for a low country boil and side dishes that could go with it. Boiled Shrimp Ingredients ... Read More »