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Gardening in the South

Succulents: The No Hassle Plants Anyone Can Grow


Succulents are low-maintenance, beautiful plants that are growing in popularity. They are easy to take care of and come in many varieties, giving gardeners the opportunity to be creative when planting them. Lucy Edwards, a home grounds regional agent with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, described succulents as having an “eye-catching appeal.” She also said the plants are very easy to ... Read More »

Boxwood Blight in Alabama

Boxwood Blight

AUBURN, Alabama-Fall is a great time to update your landscape, but this year, gardeners need to pay special attention to where and what they will be purchasing and planting. Boxwood is seen in many landscapes all over the South. Unfortunately over the past few years, a fungal disease- boxwood blight- has made its way to the United States from Europe ... Read More »

Meet Me Under the Mistletoe

under the mistletoe

AUBURN,AL—The holiday season is before us and soon men and women across the globe will be asked to meet their special someone “under the mistletoe.” However, many of those individuals do not know the science or history behind the long tradition and romantic symbol of mistletoe. Mistletoes can be found across the globe and there are more than 200 species of the ... Read More »

Furor over Kissing Bugs Unwarranted

kissing bug

Kissing bugs and Chagas disease posts and shares swept across social media like wildfire just before Thanksgiving. Alabama Extension professionals across the state were inundated with calls, emails and texts from citizens worried about both the disease and how to identify the insect. “People saw a headline or the title of a post and really reacted strongly and quickly,” said ... Read More »

Christmas Tree Farms in Alabama

Auburn, Alabama-For most Alabama families, Christmas only comes once a year, but for a select group of Alabama farmers, their Christmas lasts all year long. The farmers who grow and sell Christmas trees are surrounded by and care for one of the main symbols of the holiday every day. Christmas tree farms can be found all across Alabama. Chip East, an ... Read More »

Pecan Trees–A Perfect Addition to the Home Landscape

pecan tree

AUBURN,Ala.—The holiday season is upon us and people around the country are looking forward to gatherings spent feasting with families and friends. One food in particular that is often found at many holiday celebrations is pecan pie. Unknown to many, Alabama is actually an ideal place for growing pecan trees.  You could someday produce a pecan pie for the holidays ... Read More »

November is National Pomegranate Month

The Pomegranate Fruit / Wikimedia Commons

November is National Pomegranate Month and it celebrates a fruit dating back to the ancient civilizations that can be enjoyed as a snack and grown in Alabama’s climate. The pomegranate is botanically classified as a berry and a semi-tropical fruit. Growing in mild-temperate climates, it is native to southeastern Europe and Asia and is harvested in August and September. Typically, the fruit ... Read More »

November is Pansy Planting Time

AUBURN, AL—November is known for the fall weather, leaves changing, pumpkin picking and of course Thanksgiving. However, November is also a prime time to plant pansies. With the air getting cooler, pansies can add more variety to any garden. “Pansies are very durable winter annuals, blooming non-stop through snowy blankets and single digit temperatures. The plants can freeze, only to ... Read More »

This Fall’s Guide To A Healthy Lawn

AUBURN, AL—As temperatures lower in the southeast, the grass plants in a home lawn are changing with the season. Due to the fact that grass plants are living organisms, fall maintenance practices are vital to building the plant’s tolerance to temperature fluctuations. Fall is when grass begins to safeguard its health in order to prepare for the cool and dry ... Read More »

Pumpkin Picking and Preserving

Photo by: shutterstock.com/RomianaLee

Several months of cultivation and care go into making a pumpkin grow. When October rolls around, these pumpkins will be ready to pick and show off on your porch for Halloween and even in cornucopias into the Thanksgiving season. Harvesting Pumpkins Alabama Extension Horticulturist Dr. Joe Kemble said pumpkins are generally ready for harvest 90 days after planting, depending on the ... Read More »