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Gardening in the South

Grow A Perfect Tomato

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AUBURN, Ala.—Tomato plants are a staple in any backyard or container garden. Some growers prefer smaller, early ripening varieties, while others prefer bigger tomatoes—ready later in the season. Regardless of personal preference, Marcus Garner, Alabama Cooperative Extension urban regional agent said the most important tomato-growing consideration is the temperature and weather. “Often times we are so preoccupied with getting our ... Read More »

Spring Pruning For Dummies

spring pruning

Auburn, Alabama—The start of spring brings a lot of things to mind: chirping birds, April showers and blooming flowers. For gardeners, spring is associated with one thing, pruning. We have all heard of it, but what exactly is pruning and why do we do it? Hunter McBrayer, an an urban regional agent with Alabama Extension, explained, “Spring pruning can mean a number of ... Read More »

Alabama Extension Has New Gardening Tool

gardening iBook

AUBURN, Ala. – Warm weather lures gardeners and homeowners to garden centers and large home improvement retailers like moths to a flame. But adding new plants to the landscape without planning can cause problems. But the latest addition to Alabama Extension’s “Gardening in the South” iBook series can solve that problem for trees, shrubs and plants that are year-round elements in the ... Read More »

Reducing Mosquito Populations Key to Limiting Threat of Disease


AUBURN, Alabama—With warm weather approaching, mosquitoes are a threat in many areas. These pests not only cause itchy bite marks, but some also carry mosquito-borne diseases. These diseases are ever changing. “The increase of global travel has brought diseases once uncommon and unheard of in the United States to our shores,” Dr. Xing Ping Hu, an Alabama Extension entomologist and graduate program ... Read More »

Impatiens: One of Top Bedding Plants in Alabama

Auburn, Alabama—Impatiens are beautiful and are one of the top bedding plants in Alabama. Impatiens flowers are very bright and can light up any room. Growing impatiens are quite easy also. The key to success is keeping them watered until they get into the ground once you bring them home, “The plant is mainly used as bedding plants and house plants. ... Read More »

Planting a Butterfly Garden

AUBURN, Ala.- Spring invites wildlife, large and small, to come out and enjoy the warmth that the season brings, including butterflies. For those interested in doing their part to help the environment in an aesthetically pleasing way, planting a butterfly garden in their yard is a good place to start. Alabama Extension Regional Horticulture Agent Mike McQueen recommends beginning the process of ... Read More »

Azaleas and Rhododendrons

Auburn, Alabama—When looking to add color and variety to your spring garden, planning ahead during the fall months is the best way to go. Azaleas and rhododendrons are perfect flowers to harvest and plant during the fall months that provide you with beautiful blooms when springtime comes. You might be wondering, “What is the difference between azaleas and rhododendrons?” If ... Read More »

Growing Grapes in Alabama

growing grapes

Auburn, Ala.—Growing grapes in Alabama has been practiced since the state was first settled, but has only been successful in certain areas for dedicated growers. To produce quality bunch grapes one must learn about their area, choose the grape variety, perfect the setup and devote plenty of attention to the grapevine. Muscadines are a type of grape that grows well ... Read More »

Spring flower garden guide

Auburn, Alabama—Warm weather and sunny skies are quickly approaching and the time is nearing to prepare for spring plants, flowers and gardens. With a wide variety of beautiful plants and flowers soon to be in season, it can be difficult to choose which ones to plant in your garden. Plants in season during spring and early summer can vary depending ... Read More »

Wisteria: Making the best of wild vines

Auburn, Alabama—Spring flowers, weeds, and vines will be popping up left and right now that spring is officially here. Some are wanted while others are not. One perennial vine known as wisteria (Wisteria sinensis) that will begin to appear on the canopy of trees, trellises or pergolas in the south displays fragrant clusters of lavender, purple or white flowers. Wisteria ... Read More »