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Gardening in the South

Save Money And Energy Through Rainwater Harvesting

Ever notice how much it rains in the southeast? Alabama alone receives an average of 55 inches of rain a year. Although this is a lot of precipitation it is still important to consider water conservation. Dr. Eve Bantley, a water quality specialist with Alabama Extension says rain barrels and cisterns are water conservation methods that require little maintenance and ... Read More »

Choosing Drought Resistant Plants Reduces Watering Demands

As summer continues across Alabama, it is important to consider drought resistant plants when planning your landscape. Drought resistant plants help reduce the amount of water needed for planting and help save water for future use. Alabama has not experienced extreme drought conditions this season. However, regional Alabama Extension agent Dani Carroll recommends preparing for the possibility of droughts throughout the ... Read More »

Managing Soil Pests in the Garden

Even the most experienced gardeners have issues with pests in the garden. Alabama Extension Entomologist Ayanava Majumdar said if you plan to put in a fall garden, now is the time to take steps to reduce soil pests. Many home gardens are planted in areas previously covered in grass or turf. Tilling the garden area 30 days prior to planting ... Read More »

Grow Your Own Jack-O-Lanterns

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Planting Pumpkins in Alabama Dreaming of pies or spooky jack-o-lanterns?  You still have time to grow your own. The pumpkin-planting window in Alabama is nearly a month long, beginning June 15 and continuing to July 15. Dr. Joe Kemble, Alabama Extension Horticulturist said the window covers pumpkin growers in northern and southern parts of the state — and everyone in ... Read More »

How Does Your Garden Grow? With SOW App

You can grow vegetables and fruits year-round in Alabama and across much of the Southeast. The challenge for many gardeners is knowing what to plant, how to plant it and when to plant it. But SOW, a new mobile app from the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, takes the guess work out of garden planting. Kerry Smith, one of the leaders ... Read More »

Gardening in the Summer

As spring comes to an end, the fear of what summer means for home gardens can cause many to worry. However, by taking advantage of the use of annuals and perennials in flowerbeds, summer does not necessarily mean the end of a good-looking garden. Sallie Lee, an urban regional Extension agent with Alabama Extension’s Home Grounds, Gardens and Pests team, said, “annuals are ... Read More »

Pest Management in the Garden

Are the vegetables in your garden under attack? Summer weather can bring hungry garden pests to feed on luscious green leaves. Alabama Extension Entomologist Ayanava Majumdar said there are ways to curb pest damage in the garden through the use of integrated pest management (IPM) practices. “There are many ways to integrate pest management practices in the garden,” Majumdar said. “Extension ... Read More »

Bring Favorite Herbs to the Backyard – Tips and Tricks for Beginners

When preparing a tasty meal, the final touch often requires a quick reach into the herb cabinet. Herbs, though small and often forgotten about, provide the extra flavor to a meal, taking it from good to great.  Before purchasing herbs, however, there are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind. Know your tastes. Before planting an herb garden, ... Read More »

Tomatoes: Disease and Drought

Tomato plants are susceptible to foliar diseases and sensitive to drought.  To avoid those problems, gardeners need to use extra care in the garden. Selecting a disease resistant tomato variety is one of the first steps toward growing healthy tomato plants. There are plenty of good tomato varieties, but it’s best to pick a variety recommended for your region. To be ... Read More »

Turf Tips 101

With warmer weather and abundant rain, many Alabama lawns have jumped into high gear. Homeowners can tackle some simple chores to help get their turf in tip top shape. Dr. Dave Han, an Alabama Extension turf specialist, said general maintenance on the mower is one of the first orders of business. Sharpening mower blades, changing spark plugs and setting mower ... Read More »