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Gardening in the South

The ins and outs of growing succulents in Alabama

Auburn, Alabama — Whether you are an experienced gardener or just a beginner, growing succulents can be a breeze. “A succulent is a thick, fleshy, waxy leafed plant that thrives in periods of drought. They are good for people who forget [to water] or travel a lot,” said Lucy Edwards, a regional home grounds Extension agent for Alabama Cooperative Extension ... Read More »

Try a transplant

AUBURN, Ala.- If you find yourself impatiently waiting for your garden seeds to sprout, try out transplants. “The reason we like to use transplants is earliness,” Dr. Joe Kemble, a vegetable specialist with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System said. “You don’t have to sit there and wait for the seed to come up.” For example, planting a four to five week old ... Read More »

The Key to Healthy Pansies This Fall

Auburn, Ala.-Pansies are exactly what you need this fall to brighten up your garden. Available in every color imaginable, pansies can withstand temperatures below freezing and will continue to bloom through winter and spring. Some gardeners assume that if they plant flowers before winter strikes that their flowers will suffer. But that is not the case. Pansies planted in the ... Read More »

How to grow Persimmons in your backyard

Auburn, Ala.—Persimmons are a unique kind of fruit. They look like orange tomatoes on the outside, but the inside is full of sweet fruit. They are not your typical and average fruit, but growing a persimmon tree is not as difficult as one might think. A little known fact about persimmon trees are that they easily adapt to a variety ... Read More »

Moss in My Yard

AUBURN, ALA.—Help! Moss is taking over my yard and killing the grass. Actually, ground moss is not killing the grass, but it is a strong indication that you have some landscape problems. Moss consists of tiny plants that form a habitat for small invertebrates. Most mosses are native and benign, part of a natural succession of vegetation. They cover bare ground ... Read More »

Fall Lawn Care: What you should know.

Auburn, Alabama — As the cool breeze swoops in and the leaves gradually change to sunset shades, fall begins. It seems like summer has come and gone, taking our lush, green, grass with it. However there is no need to worry, your hard work this past spring and summer absolutely pays off, seeing that there is nothing you need to ... Read More »

Preparing Soil for Spring Gardening Begins in the Fall

Normal, Alabama—For many people, gardening is a favorite pastime in spring and summer. What many people don’t know is that spring gardening starts with preparation in the fall. But where exactly do gardeners begin? Soil Test “A soil test of your garden is always the best way to start,” said Dr. Rudy Pacumbaba, an Alabama Extension specialist. According to Pacumbaba, doing ... Read More »

Growing apples in Alabama

Auburn, Alabama — An apple a day, keeps the doctors away. Whether this myth has proven true or not, October is the national month for apples.  It is also the peak time of year for harvesting them. According to Lloyd Chapman, an Alabama Extension commercial horticulture regional agent, there are more than 20,000 different types of apples worldwide. Only 5,000 apple varieties ... Read More »

Getting rid of fruit flies in your home takes patience

AUBURN, ALABAMA —Have you ever battled a fruit fly infestation in your home? If so, you know how hard it is to get rid of fruit flies. Roosevelt Robinson, a regional agent in home grounds, gardens and home pests with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System says the tiny pests breed quickly, and can survive long after you’ve disposed of the ... Read More »

Mums: The Flowers of Fall

fall chrysanthemum

AUBURN, Ala.- People love to decorate their front porches during fall with pumpkins, gourds, natural foliage and Chrysanthemums, better known as mums. These flowers range in vibrant hues of golden yellow, burnt orange, deep purple, bold crimson or snowy white. But many people complain that their mums will not last and die too soon. To maximize the most of mums, Sallie Lee, an urban regional agent ... Read More »