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Spring: Prime Time for Kudzu Bugs

Auburn, AL—Residential and rural areas will soon be filled with kudzu bugs making a comeback from their overwintering sites. Alabama Extension Entomologist Xing Ping Hu, said there are several ways for kudzu bugs to bother homeowners. “Kudzu bugs are a nuisance that invades homes, yards and landscapes,” Hu  said. “They are more problematic in later fall when they seek protected ... Read More »

Good Choice Program Offers Healthy Snacks at Convenience Stores

Auburn, Alabama—More healthy snacks may soon be coming to convenience stores and small grocery stores near you thanks to Alabama Public Health and Alabama Extension’s Nutrition Education Program (NEP). To encourage Alabamians to make better food choices and improve their access to healthier snacks,  the two agencies are partnering with store owners to get healthy snacks and foods into convenience stores ... Read More »

Planning for Retirement

AUBURN, Ala. – For many working professionals, retirement is the holy grail they all look forward to. What many people don’t realize until it is too late is that planning for retirement takes time. The first thing young professionals need to do is figure out their “number”. “The number is how much you will need in retirement to maintain your current ... Read More »

America Saves Week Feb. 22-27

Auburn, Ala.—America Saves is a nationwide campaign managed by the Consumer Federation of America that focuses on teaching individuals good saving habits and reducing debt. This year’s America Saves Week is Feb. 22-27. They strive to encourage individuals to “Set a Goal. Make a Plan. Save Automatically.” They coordinate a weeklong event each year called America Saves Week. During this week, organizations ... Read More »

Billboards Say Steph Curry Drains Threes and Eat Peas

Auburn, Ala.—The National Basketball Association’s 2015 Most Valuable Player and Golden State Warriors’ point guard, Steph Curry is featured on billboards throughout Alabama until Feb. 21 that create appeal for eating fruits and vegetables. The billboard campaign will reach all corners of Alabama making an estimated  35 million impressions on Alabamians, especially those living in underserved communities. The campaign 74 ... Read More »

Extension Offices Serving as Weigh-in Sites for Scale Back Alabama

Obesity is a problem in Alabama. In fact, Alabama has the sixth highest rate of adult obesity of any state in the nation. In its 10th year, Scale Back Alabama, a free statewide weight-loss competitive program, targets these adults.  The first SBA team weigh-in is Jan. 25-31, and the weigh-out is April 11-17. Scale Back Alabama 2016 ends April 29. ... Read More »

Enriching Health With Calcium

Auburn, Ala.—We all remember the times growing up when our parents made us drink glasses of milk. They said that milk would help us grow big and strong. As a child, we did not fully understand the importance of calcium, but now we know that calcium is an important part of our diets. “Calcium is needed for bones and teeth and also helps to regulate our nerves, muscle tone ... Read More »

Preparing for a Job Interview

job interview

AUBURN, Ala. —Whether you’re a recent graduate or moving on to the next phase in your life, preparing for a job interview is a key factor in getting any type of job. Making a great first impression and having the perfect resume will help enhance your interview experience, but ultimately being able to present yourself professionally will help secure your future. ... Read More »

College on a Budget


Auburn, Ala.—For most college students the thought of saving is foreign, unheard of, and seems nearly impossible. Between the costs of tuition, books and living expenses, students feel hopeless when it comes to budgeting.  However, most of them do not recognize the benefits of saving and budgeting at a young age, comparable to those who start these practices later in life. “It is important for everyone to ... Read More »

Extension Training Programs Helping Caregivers

AUBURN, Alabama—It is estimated that more than a half million people in Alabama are caregivers for an ill, disabled or older family member. “These caregivers are providing more than $4 billion dollars in unpaid care. Their service saves  the State of Alabama significant dollars,” said Debra Ward, a regional Alabama Extension educator in family and child development.  Alabama Extension offers intensive two-day training workshops ... Read More »