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Extension Promoting Health Literacy in Alabama

When it comes to literacy, “health” is not the first word that comes to mind. Oftentimes, literacy is associated solely with education in the academic sense, discarding the notion of literacy for health. In a nation where 81 percent of patients over age 60 cannot read or understand basic materials such as prescriptions labels, health literacy has become imperative in ... Read More »

Have a Healthy HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015

Every year Americans make New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, eat healthier and move more. But, for many people those resolutions don’t last more than a month or two into the New Year. As you start 2015, think positively about your health and set measurable and attainable goals for the year. Sharon Haynes, a regional health and nutrition agent with ... Read More »

Generating Positive Parent-Teen Relationships

Parenting teenagers is full of ups and downs. As children get older, they seek independence and battle against their parents for control of their lives. Struggles between parents and teens can be difficult to overcome, but experts say there are various tips that can lead to uplifting relationships with your teen. Bretia Gordon, a family and child development regioinal agent with ... Read More »

Weight-Loss Fraud Abundant In The Marketplace

Weight loss

Weight-loss fraud is flooding the marketplace. Fraudulent weight-loss claims can be found in almost every communications medium — television, radio, print, mail and the Internet. Modern con artists annually cheat Americans out of an estimated $10-$40 billion in weight-loss fraud alone. They target and exploit vulnerable children, teens, and low income consumers desperate to find a solution to their weight ... Read More »

Winterizing Your Home

Alabama is considered to have mild winters in comparison to other parts of the country, but the state does experience some winter weather extremes almost every year. If you haven’t winterized your home yet, do it now before the temperatures settle into winter averages. Alabama Extension professional Virginia Morgan White shared some  tips to help cold proof and winterize your home ... Read More »

How to Prepare for Severe Cold Weather Conditions

Winter has come early in some parts of the country. In mid-November temperatures dropped into the 20’s  with wind chills in the teens, while in the North, records amount of snow, wind and below-freezing temperatures caused chaos. Usually severe cold and heavy snowfalls don’t occur until mid-winter (January or February).  In the northern parts of the United States, roads have been shut down, some people have been stranded in cars for up ... Read More »

Holiday Activities for Family Bonding

The holidays can be hectic. People are dashing from store to store to find the right gifts, sending Christmas cards to relatives and friends, and gearing up for the end of another year. Somewhere in between all of the busyness of the holidays, it’s important to find time to spend with your family and loved ones. There are many inexpensive, yet meaningful ... Read More »

Use Credit Cards Wisely During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us and it is the busiest time of year for retail stores. It is also the busiest time for credit card companies. “The average American credit card holder charges nearly $1,000 or 40 percent of normal yearly charges during the holiday season, per account,” said Isaac Chappell, a regional consumer science and personal finance management ... Read More »

Holiday Budgeting 101

The holidays are a time full of laughter and joy, but also stressful at times. Stress creeps in due to many reasons, one of them being budgeting your holiday shopping list. When trying to give to all your friends and loved ones, money tends to disappear quickly. Budgeting your holiday shopping can reduce stress and anxiety and make the holidays ... Read More »

The Dreaded Christmas List

It is almost that time of year again-Christmas lists and Christmas gifts. The Christmas list, which should be fun and exciting, often becomes the dreaded list for parents. Children have expectations for their Christmas gifts, so for advice to help parents handle those expectations, Ellen Abell, an Alabama Extension specialist and associate professor at Auburn University provided some tips. Abell suggested ... Read More »