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AlProHealth Cullman County Helping Limited Resource Families

Cullman, Ala.— Every month, 800 limited-resource families in Cullman County increase access to healthier food choices through the efforts of ALProHealth and its partners. AlProHealth Cullman County is a group of individuals working together to address obesity in the county. They use the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Programs to Reduce Obesity in High Obesity Areas research-proven strategies. ALProHealth ... Read More »

Exercise and your heart

Auburn, Ala.—The heart is one of the most important organs in the body.  It constantly pumps blood throughout the body so that the body receives the oxygen and nutrients it needs to function. Exercise, or a lack there of, and bad eating habits can negatively affect the heart and are linked to cardiovascular diseases and other conditions. Specifically, lack of exercise and bad eating habits increase ... Read More »

And The Eating Games Begin

AUBURN, Alabama — Starting with football season in September and going through Easter in the spring, there’s one eating event after another. According to Helen Jones, an Alabama Extension regional agent in Human Nutrition, Diet and Health, many social gatherings with family and friends center around eating. Unfortunately, many of these events promote overeating or unhealthy eating. If you prepare yourself ... Read More »

Building a professional resume

AUBURN, Ala. — Making a great first impression is crucial when applying for a new job position. Presenting yourself and your skills in the best way possible can be the determining factor in how a potential employer will consider your application. In most cases, the first form of contact that applicants will have with employers is a professional resume. A ... Read More »

6 Foods Pregnant Women Should Avoid

Auburn, Alabama—Whether you’re a 6-day-a-week yogi or a couch potato, your pregnancy is the time to be as health conscious as possible. What you eat not only affects your health but also your baby’s as well. Eating healthy foods and avoiding unhealthy ones will support your baby’s development and can even help it cultivate a preference for healthy foods. Katie Funderburk, ... Read More »

7 Foods Pregnant Women Should Eat

Auburn, Alabama— Most moms-to-be try and eat as healthy as they can, but how do you know if you’re eating enough of what your baby needs? What you eat directly affects your baby’s growth and development. Eating healthy foods can prevent some birth defects, aid in a baby’s development and keep the mother healthy through the pregnancy. Dr. Onikia Brown, ... Read More »

Parents: Be App Savvy to Keep Children and Teens Safe

parents social media savvy

AUBURN, Alabama —  Pokémon Go is  taking the world by storm. It has soared to the top of app charts as people engage in nostalgia for the original Pokémon games and play games in public. In addition to Pokémon Go, teens are also online playing games, posting, commenting and sending images. While the Internet can be a fun way to occupy time, there ... Read More »

Acid Reflux Disease: A Growing Problem in United States

Auburn, Alabama—Gastroesophageal reflux disease, commonly known as acid reflux disease, is a growing problem throughout the United States. However, many people are not aware of what actually triggers acid reflux disease, and that just because you have occasional heartburn, doesn’t mean you necessarily have acid reflux disease. The first thing that has to be understood is the difference between some of these ... Read More »

Today’s Mom Program Helps Moms and Their Babies

Auburn, Ala.—The Today’s Mom Program teaches nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices to moms-to-be. It was developed in 1987 in an effort to help lower infant mortality in Alabama. Being that Alabama had the highest rate in the nation at this time, this program was in high demand. In the beginning, 615 moms-to-be enrolled in the program. The Today’s Mom program is an ... Read More »

Alabama Extension Scientist Explains Advisory Issued for Several Alabama Water Systems

drinking water

AUBURN, Ala.—A scientist with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System says that the health advisory issued by the Environmental Protection Agency related to several Alabama water systems focuses on two compounds, perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) and perfluorooactanoic acid (PFOA). The Alabama Department of Public Health and the Alabama Department of Environmental Management have identified several water systems in north Alabama that had ... Read More »