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Attracting Birds to Your Garden

Bird House Basics Observing wildlife is the second most done leisure activity in the United State, and birds are one of the most commonly observed types of wildlife. Bird watching has been, and still is, a captivating hobby nationally and internationally. Birds range in a variety of species, colors, sizes and characteristics- each displaying its own distinct routines and habits ... Read More »

Archery Season Opens This Month

Bowhunters in northern Alabama are already enjoying the start of archery season while hunters further south in the state will have to wait a few more days.  Opening day varies depending on which part of the state you live in because the state is now divided into northern Zone A and southern Zone B. Zone A began its season Oct. 15, ... Read More »

That Deer Fawn Isn’t an Orphan – Leave it Alone

Every year, a countless number of deer fawns are “rescued” by good Samaritans. Unfortunately, more often than not, these fawns are not abandoned by their mothers. Rather, a female deer (called a doe) will often leave her fawn alone in an attempt to protect it from predators. While rescuers’ intentions are noble, by removing fawns from the wild, they are ... Read More »

Bioretention Workshop Set for Nov. 4

A bioretention design, implementation and vegetation workshop is set for Nov. 4 near Birmingham.  It is part of a low impact development series geared towards design and engineer professionals, landscaping professionals and local, state and federal government agency representatives interested in learning about current engineering and design calculations, maintenance practices and vegetation selection. The workshop will be located at the Alabama ... Read More »

H20 To Go: Water Wheels Mobile Lab

mobile lab demo

Place a gallon jug of water next to a penny with 33 drops of water on it on a table. If the gallon jug is all the water on Earth, the drops on the penny represent the little amount of consumable water on Earth. That is just one of the memorable demonstrations, showing the importance of water conservation, that Water ... Read More »

Keeping Bats Out of the House

Living in the South, you may be used to seeing wildlife. Opossums in the road and squirrels on trees are nothing to look twice at. You can look up at the sky around dark and see plenty of bats. You probably even chased the mice in the cornfield near your house as a child. All of these animals serve a purpose ... Read More »

Are Fleas Making You Itch?


The Low-Down on fleas Fleas, like many of nature’s pests, are persistent and hard to eliminate.  These pests are problematic because of their hardy, durable nature. It can sometimes take multiple approaches to rid your household of these pests. Although fleas are considered less dangerous than some common household pests, they should still be treated as quickly as possible. Your family pets ... Read More »

Wildlife Causing You Problems?


A fence and sign might be enough to keep your neighbor from trespassing through your yard, but wild animals are not always as courteous. Armadillos, bats, raccoons, opossums and coyotes are just a handful of animals commonly found that can cause damage to homes, lawns and gardens, frustrating many people. To help homeowners deal with unwanted or nuisance wildlife, wildlife ... Read More »