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Forests in the City – Why Urban Forestry is Key

Auburn, Ala.—When most people hear the words city or urban, trees are likely not the first images that come to mind. Jack Rowe, an arborist, entomologist and horticulturist who works as an urban forestry agent with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, gave more information about the subject. What may be surprising to some is that trees are actually essential for cities ... Read More »

Fire Ant Stings Can Be Deadly

SELMA, Ala.—An Alabama woman recently died of anaphylactic shock after sustaining numerous fire ant stings. Allergic reactions to fire ant bites are rare, but require immediate medical attention. Fire Ant Stings May Cause Anaphylactic Shock More than one fire ant sting can result in serious medical problems, even in people with normal immune systems. While most people can tolerate stings, ... Read More »

Explore Living Streams with Alabama 4-H Water Watch Workshops

Auburn, Alabama—The 4-H Alabama Water Watch Program is partnering with five environmental centers around the state to provide a series of workshops for teachers and volunteer educators. Participants will have the opportunity to learn how to use the Exploring Our Living Streams Biomonitoring and Water Chemistry Monitoring curriculum. The curriculum provides hands-on activities for teaching students about watershed science, and ... Read More »

Living with Wild Neighbors

Racoon wild neighbor

Auburn, Alabama—Squirrels, rabbits, coyotes, raccoons, opossums are just a few of the wild neighbors that Alabama residents encounter throughout the year. Often these wild creatures are unintentionally invited into residents’ neighborhoods and yards. Once they are in they are extremely hard to get rid of. “A fairly common situation is where somebody has a bird feeder and at first birds use ... Read More »

Attracting songbirds and wildbirds to your feeders

AUBURN, Ala.– Spring has officially begun and the world around us has brightened up and come to life. If you are looking to liven up your yard, it is easy to attract songbirds and wild birds. Building a landscape with a variety of plants will provide food and shelter will attract birds to your feeders. Shelter is used as an ... Read More »

Wild Pigs Growing Problem in Alabama

AUBURN, Ala.—Wild pigs have inhabited Alabama’s forests for decades, but years of suitable habitat, ample food sources and rapid reproduction have dealt landowners throughout the state a low blow. Woodlands aren’t the only areas taking a hit; farmers are dealing with hog damage in crop and pasture land. Alabama Cooperative Extension Forestry and Wildlife Specialist, Dr. Mark Smith, said the ... Read More »

Yellow Jackets and How to Manage Them

Auburn, Alabama —With spring here, many forms of wildlife previously dormant during winter are now emerging throughout Alabama’s wilderness. Most of this wildlife consists of different types of insects such as wasps, particularly ones called yellow jackets. Yellow jackets are one of the common forms of wasps in North America, and get their names from the yellow and black coloring ... Read More »

Collecting rainwater in Alabama

Auburn, Alabama—With more than 77,000 rivers and streams and an average rainfall of 55 inches per year, Alabama is a state blessed with natural water resources. Catching and reusing water is an ancient technology that has current value to save energy, money and conserve an important natural resource. If interested in collecting rainwater, first you must decide if you want ... Read More »

What You Need to Know About Attracting Hummingbirds

Auburn, Alabama–Dr. Geoffrey Hill from Auburn University is a biology professor who specializes in ornithology. He discussed the benefits and some tips and tricks on attracting hummingbirds. “Hummingbirds are just neat animals,” Hill said. “I enjoy studying hummingbirds for the pure fun of it.” Where do hummingbirds migrate? According to Hill, Ruby-Throated hummingbirds migrate from Central America, across the Gulf of Mexico ... Read More »

Eastern Hognose Snake: Rare to Alabama

Eastern Hog Nose Snake

Auburn, Alabama— Once common throughout Alabama, the nonvenomous Eastern hognose snake, also known as the spreading adder and the deaf adder, is now considered to be rare to certain areas of the state. The hognose snake gets its name from its distinct upturned nose. The Eastern hognose’s coloration can vary from a uniform black, brown, olive or gray. They may ... Read More »