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Managing Soil Pests in the Garden

Even the most experienced gardeners have issues with pests in the garden. Alabama Extension Entomologist Ayanava Majumdar said if you plan to put in a fall garden, now is the time to take steps to reduce soil pests. Many home gardens are planted in areas previously covered in grass or turf. Tilling the garden area 30 days prior to planting ... Read More »

Food Friday: Stuffed Bell Peppers

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.com/Firma V

Brightly colored and wonderfully flavored bell peppers are often used to garnish a meal and add special flavor and color. Have you ever used bell peppers as the main dish? John Hall, of Clarke County, has a recipe for Stuffed Bell Peppers that is sure to make your mouth water. Whether you’re feeding an army or a handful, bell peppers would ... Read More »

Food Friday: Freezing Summer Squash

In the middle of summer, most squash plants are producing more than most homeowners can put on the table. So what is the best way to put up squash and save it for later? The Alabama Extension Home Food Preservation Cookbook suggests freezing vegetables to save for later. If properly selected, prepared, frozen and stored, squash will hold fresh qualities. ... Read More »

Farmers Adapt Alongside Climate Changes

Extreme weather events pose significant risks to agriculture. Dr. Brenda Ortiz, a corn and grain crops specialist with Alabama Extension, said one of the most important aspects of farming is learning to adapt. “Many of the farmers who are leading the way in the use of risk resilient practices learned about them at Southeast Climate Extension workshops and outreach programs,” ... Read More »

Fourth of July Food: Ice Cream

With Independence Day one week away, it’s time to start working on the spread to be shared with friends and family as we celebrate the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. While everyone has their own special barbecue recipe, and watermelons can be picked fresh from your Alabama garden, ice cream is something everyone can enjoy. But ... Read More »

Food Friday: Okra

Okra is a mean, green Southern favorite. Whether fried, boiled or pickled, okra is a great accompaniment for a summertime supper. Learning to fry okra can be intimidating, but the Auburn cookbook can help make it a reality in your kitchen.  If  the okra plants in your garden are producing too much to eat right now, try pickling your okra ... Read More »

Food Friday: Zucchini

Zucchini from the garden are most often paired with squash cooked on the oven or on the grill. If the zucchini plants are producing a little more than expected, try these recipes from the Auburn Cookbook! Try something new for breakfast or dinner… and share with friends! Zucchini Apple Muffins 1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour 1 1/2 cups all-purpose ... Read More »

Food Friday: Summer Squash

Many gardeners in central Alabama are already catching a glimpse of cheery yellow squash ripening in the garden. Right now, squash cooked with butter, bacon and onion sounds like a delicious side dish, but as the summer wears on, your tastebuds might like a little deviation from the norm. Since squash plants produce all summer long, try incorporating these recipes ... Read More »

Food Friday: Blueberry Delight

Berries are popping out all over! The sunshine is out, and blueberries are almost ready to eat off of the bush. Whether your tastebuds prefer something tart or something sweet, berries can do the trick. Try adding a little color to your dinner table this weekend. Make something full of delicious blueberries! Blueberry Crisp Butter flavor cooking spray 4 cups ... Read More »

Urban Forestry: A Growing Industry

Although it may seem that much of the world is becoming more urban, there is proof that nature is spreading alongside of the urbanization – that proof is urban forestry. This industry is designed to plan for the planting, establishment and care of trees and green spaces in urban areas. Here in Alabama, the value of trees is oftentimes under-appreciated ... Read More »