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Charitable Donations Are Option for Produce Growers

glean donate produce

AUBURN, Ala. – Farmer’s markets, roadside stands and grocery stores are traditional ways producers sell and promote their products. While these ways are great outlets, farmers are starting to utilize other nontraditional ways. Sometimes, producers have extra produce that they cannot sell. Producers are able to donate their additional produce through charitable donation or “gleaning”. Gleaning has a unique history to ... Read More »

Boost your Immune System with Blueberries


With July coming to a close, it’s a great time to make the most of National Blueberry Month by exploring new and delicious blueberry recipes. Whether eaten plain or used as a key ingredient in a recipe, blueberries bring color and flavor to any meal. Though small in size, blueberries are a great choice for boosting your immune system because ... Read More »