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A New Twist on Apple Recipes

AUBURN, Ala. – Apples are considered one of the most popular ingredients to cook with during Fall. While the traditional ways to cook apples are delicious, this season you might want to try mixing things up a little bit. These recipes are sure to bring a new twist to this fall favorite ingredient. Apple Walnut Cake Ingredients Nonstick vegetable cooking ... Read More »

Growing apples in Alabama

Auburn, Alabama — An apple a day, keeps the doctors away. Whether this myth has proven true or not, October is the national month for apples.  It is also the peak time of year for harvesting them. According to Lloyd Chapman, an Alabama Extension commercial horticulture regional agent, there are more than 20,000 different types of apples worldwide. Only 5,000 apple varieties ... Read More »

October is National Apple Month

Americans eat more apples per capita than any other fruit. October is National Apple Month and is intended to celebrate the widely loved fruit and increase sales in the industry. Alabama is one of 36 states in which apples are grown commercially and this season’s harvest is not to be missed. “A wide range of varities can be found in ... Read More »


Fall apple harvest is in progress through October. About 30 to 40 varieties of apples are grown in home orchards across the state, with heirloom variety and newer, high quality varieties becoming popular. When apples are ripe for the harvest, they are picked off the trees and either immediately consumed or refrigerated. “When refrigerating, keep the temperature 32 to 35 ... Read More »

Food Friday: Maple Syrup Stir-Fry Apples

Apples for snacks.

It’s apple harvest time across the nation.  Apples are a great snack choice just for eating out of hand.  But if you would like a quick recipe to add fresh apples to an upcoming meal, give our maple syrup stir-fry apples a try. 2 unpeeled tart apples, cored and thinly sliced 1 to 2 tablespoons sugar-free maple or breakfast syrup ... Read More »