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Common Digging Pests In Yards

AUBURN, Ala. – Homeowners often find evidence of animals digging in their yards. Squirrels, chipmunks, armadillos and moles are often the culprits. An Extension specialist offers tips on controlling these animals from destroying yards. Identifying Pests Dr. Jim Armstrong, an Alabama Extension wildlife specialist, said the first rule of protecting a yard is identifying the animal. “Once you know which animal is causing ... Read More »

Armored Armadillos: How to Fight Back

They crawl through lawns and gardens, digging holes and uprooting plants. Wearing a shield of armor and with their nose to the ground, they hunt for what lies beneath not caring what they destroy in the process. With tiny eyes and sharp claws, they are a nuisance for many homeowners and gardeners. Armadillos are a common nuisance for homeowners across ... Read More »