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Legislators Tour Sand Mountain Research and Extension Center

CROSSVILLE, Ala.—Alabama state senator Clay Scofield and state representative Becky Nordgren visited Auburn University’s Sand Mountain Research and Extension Center Friday, Oct. 2. Dr. Gary Lemme, director of the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, and Dr. Art Appel, interim dean of Auburn University’s College of Agriculture, guided the legislative tour, which featured ongoing research efforts and Extension program efforts. “This research ... Read More »

Take Control of Fire Ants

Summer is here. Children are spending  more time outdoors enjoying the sun and their break from the classroom. Many parents and homeowners are concerned about how to clear their yard of insect pests, especially fire ants. Red and black imported fire ants (Solenopsis invicta and Solenopsis richteri) are invasive species that not only bite, but also sting and inject venom that ... Read More »

Urban Forestry: A Growing Industry

Although it may seem that much of the world is becoming more urban, there is proof that nature is spreading alongside of the urbanization – that proof is urban forestry. This industry is designed to plan for the planting, establishment and care of trees and green spaces in urban areas. Here in Alabama, the value of trees is oftentimes under-appreciated ... Read More »

Spring Bursting with Color

It’s spring! And in Alabama that means colorful flowers and lots of them.  Azaleas and dogwoods are just a few of the plants that have spring bursting with color.  Alabama Extension’s publication on azaleas has great ideas on how to add a Masters and Augusta National sparkle to your landscape. To learn more about how to enhance your garden and landscape, check ... Read More »

Safe, Smart Pesticide Use

AUBURN, Ala.—Spring has arrived in full force with rising temperatures, which means pests are starting to come out of hiding too. Alabama Cooperative Extension System professionals want to educate people on safe pesticide use and how to store them correctly. A pest is any kind of insect or animal that acts in a destructive manner towards property including, but not limited to, ... Read More »

Focusing on Forages

With forage management as a popular topic among farmers, producers and professionals in the forage industry, the Alabama Cooperative Extension System has found a special way to reach the public with forage related information. Beginning in 2013,  Extension specialists began hosting the Forage Focus Webinar Series to reach forage industry professionals including agents, producers and animal scientists. With the assistance of ... Read More »

Brighten Landscape–Feed The Birds

Although winter can be a cold and dreary season for many people, there are those who know a secret to happiness during the bitter weather – they participate in wild bird feeding. Now that sunny spring weather has arrived, it is the perfect time to join in on the fun. Dr. Jim Armstrong, a forestry and wildlife specialist with the Alabama ... Read More »

On-Farm Variety Trials: Helping Farmers Prepare

on-farm variety trials

Choosing the right variety of cotton to plant is a major decision for farmers.  They want to choose a variety that offers them the best opportunity to harvest a bountiful and quality crop. The Alabama Cooperative Extension System provides farmers with important guidance with its on-farm variety trials. Currently, Alabama Extension is gearing up for its 2015 on-farm variety trials. What ... Read More »

Getting New Auburn Oaks Off to Good Start

Auburn Oaks Planted

AUBURN, Ala.-Auburn University’s iconic oak trees returned to campus when replacement trees were planted Saturday, Feb. 14. The university is using cutting edge technology to reduce the establishment time and increase the overall health and longevity of the new Auburn Oaks on an urban site. In 2013, Auburn University removed the two oak trees after they were poisoned in 2011. For ... Read More »

Dishing the Dirt on Soil Testing

Fall is in full swing and you know what that means, it’s time to break out the pumpkins, flannel shirts and soil tests. According to Dr. Charles Mitchell, a soil scientist with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System and professor at Auburn University, soil testing is a simple chemical process that estimates the nutrients available to crops in the soil. Most ... Read More »