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7 Foods Pregnant Women Should Eat

Auburn, Alabama— Most moms-to-be try and eat as healthy as they can, but how do you know if you’re eating enough of what your baby needs? What you eat directly affects your baby’s growth and development. Eating healthy foods can prevent some birth defects, aid in a baby’s development and keep the mother healthy through the pregnancy. Dr. Onikia Brown, ... Read More »

Enriching Health With Calcium

Auburn, Ala.—We all remember the times growing up when our parents made us drink glasses of milk. They said that milk would help us grow big and strong. As a child, we did not fully understand the importance of calcium, but now we know that calcium is an important part of our diets. “Calcium is needed for bones and teeth and also helps to regulate our nerves, muscle tone ... Read More »

Are You Getting All Your Vitamins?


 AUBURN,Ala.–Whether it’s eating broccoli or drinking orange juice every day, people try to nourish their bodies as best they can.  However, it is important to know if you are getting enough vitamins and if you’re taking them correctly. Vitamins and supplements are generally beneficial, but not always needed. “For most people who are well-fed, a daily multivitamin is not necessary,” said Katie Funderburk, a specialist in ... Read More »

Tomatoes: Disease and Drought

Tomato plants are susceptible to foliar diseases and sensitive to drought.  To avoid those problems, gardeners need to use extra care in the garden. Selecting a disease resistant tomato variety is one of the first steps toward growing healthy tomato plants. There are plenty of good tomato varieties, but it’s best to pick a variety recommended for your region. To be ... Read More »