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The Dew of the Sea: Growing Rosemary Anywhere

Auburn, Alabama — Rosmarinus officinalis, commonly referred to as rosemary, is an evergreen plant, as well as an herb. The term rosemary is derived from a Latin word and means “dew of the sea”, according to Medical News Today. The sea cliffs near the Greek Islands are a common place for rosemary to be found growing. Growing Rosemary Growing rosemary ... Read More »

Expiration dates 101

expiration dates

Auburn, Alabama—Expiration dates are posted on all packaged and/or processed food items found in the grocery store. However, fruits and vegetables are left for us to wonder if they are safe or not to eat. This can cause confusion when trying to remember how long certain produce items will stay fresh and where they can be stored. What are the ... Read More »

Let’s Taco ‘Bout It


AUBURN, Ala.—Whether in a hard shell, soft tortilla or salad form, tacos are loved and eaten by millions of people every day. This favorite Tex-Mex food can be prepped with a variety of fillings and all different types of meat to create the perfect taco to fit your craving. Here’s the catch: many tacos can be high calorie! Typical restaurant ... Read More »

Holiday Season Healthy Substitutes

AUBURN, AL—When it comes to the holiday season, eating healthy and clean can be a challenge when surrounded by sweet and creamy foods. We all say that we will “be good this year” and make sure to “only eat one cookie” at the party, but truth be told it is very hard to follow through. By making the effort to ... Read More »

Homemade Dips Make Vegetables Shine

Auburn, Ala.—Homemade dips can save money and promote healthy eating! In the middle of many veggie platters lies a bowl of ranch hummus and artichoke dip. Products like this make eating vegetables tasty and exciting, but many store bought dips contain a shocking amount of sugar, fat and sodium. Just a few spoonfuls can add hundreds of calories to a once thought ... Read More »

A Grill Master’s Dream: The Perfect Steak

perfect steak

AUBURN, Ala.—Get out your forks and steak knives. It’s time to cook the perfect steak. You won’t get a perfect steak by just tossing a juicy steak onto a sizzling grill. There is a little bit of science behind what makes a delicious steak. First, you have to choose the correct cut of meat. The most popular cuts to grill are ... Read More »

Cooking on a Budget

AUBURN, Ala. — There is a common misconception in American society that you can eat cheap or you can eat healthy, but not both. In reality, this is not true. Healthy cooking on a budget is not impossible, it just takes planning, self control and research. “That’s just been ingrained in our minds that eating healthy is expensive. So many people think  ... Read More »

Food Friday: Oh, Honey!

Auburn, Ala.—National Honey Month Food Fridays continue this week with delicious cookie and candy recipes. Are you a honey fan? Share your favorite recipes with us! But for now, try these two honey cookie recipes. These sweet treats still pack the health benefits of local honey consumption… you can’t go wrong! Honey Drop Cookies 1/4 cup corn-oil margarine 1 egg ... Read More »

Make the Most of Fresh Produce

It’s National Farmers Market Week! Refresh your memory with tips and tricks on selecting and handling the bounty you will bring home from the market. The 16th annual National Farmers Market Week is August 2- 8 and with the many farmers markets in Alabama, there are an abundance of great places to find fresh, locally grown produce. A recent publication from ... Read More »

Food Friday: Cookies

Photo by: shutterstock.com/Marie C Fields

With an abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits in the summer time, it’s easy to forget about the tastier things in life! Cookies are a favorite of all sweets-lovers. There is a size and a taste to please every tastebud. Try these recipes from Alabama Extension’s Auburn Cookbook. Which one is your favorite? Oatmeal Cookies 1 cup corn-oil margarine 1 ... Read More »