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4-H’ers Raise Money for 15,000 Days of Clean Drinking Water

GADSDEN, Ala.—Clean drinking water is something many Americans take for granted. While we drink, wash dishes and bathe in clean water on a daily basis, many people around the world are searching for clean water to drink. Bea Jai Merriman, a 4-H Agent Assistant in Etowah County, brings 4-H to Hokes Bluff students in grades four through 12. Merriman works closely ... Read More »

Alabama Extension Scientist Explains Advisory Issued for Several Alabama Water Systems

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AUBURN, Ala.—A scientist with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System says that the health advisory issued by the Environmental Protection Agency related to several Alabama water systems focuses on two compounds, perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) and perfluorooactanoic acid (PFOA). The Alabama Department of Public Health and the Alabama Department of Environmental Management have identified several water systems in north Alabama that had ... Read More »

Quality Drinking Water is a Joint Effort

One of the most important resources in any community is drinking water. It is necessary for industries including health care, agriculture, sanitation and other vital community functions. As communities collect water for consumption, from reservoirs or ponds, they are tapping into rich and complicated ecosystems. When the ecosystem is balanced, algae and other phytoplankton are frequently present at the base ... Read More »