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The Dew of the Sea: Growing Rosemary Anywhere

Auburn, Alabama — Rosmarinus officinalis, commonly referred to as rosemary, is an evergreen plant, as well as an herb. The term rosemary is derived from a Latin word and means “dew of the sea”, according to Medical News Today. The sea cliffs near the Greek Islands are a common place for rosemary to be found growing. Growing Rosemary Growing rosemary ... Read More »

Bagworms in Ornamentals

Auburn, Ala.– Bagworms are serious pests of ornamental evergreens in Alabama.  Their favorite plants are junipers, cypress, cedars and arborvitae.  Occasionally, bagworms are found on hardwoods.  Bagworms are commonly found from the Atlantic states westward into Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas, and north into Illinois and Ohio. “Bagworm caterpillars damage plants by eating the foliage,” said Dani Carroll, a regional agent in ... Read More »