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Controlling Blossom-End Rot in Tomatoes

AUBURN, Ala. – Tomato plants are some of the most popular things grown in gardens. There are many varieties on the market and each one offers something different. One problem that tomato growers face is blossom-end rot (BER). An Extension professional discusses the causes of BER and some control methods. Chris Becker, an Alabama Extension coordinator in Limestone County, said ... Read More »

Master Gardener Helpline Open for Business

Auburn, Alabama — The Alabama Master Gardener Program is an instructional program. It is designed to train volunteers in the subjects of horticulture, entomology, plant pathology and soils. The Master Gardener program was created to increase the availability of home horticultural information through qualified volunteers, and to improve community life with community projects. To understand the depth of the program, ... Read More »

Azaleas and Rhododendrons

Auburn, Alabama—When looking to add color and variety to your spring garden, planning ahead during the fall months is the best way to go. Azaleas and rhododendrons are perfect flowers to harvest and plant during the fall months that provide you with beautiful blooms when springtime comes. You might be wondering, “What is the difference between azaleas and rhododendrons?” If ... Read More »

Food Friday: Tomatoes

Photo by: www.shutterstock.com/Jacek Chabraszewski

Tomatoes are ripe and ready! Change the swing of things and try a delcious twist on the bright red vegetables Southerners know and love. Vince and Karen Wallace, of Tuscaloosa County share their recipe for “Miss Emily’s Green Tomato Soup,” a perfect dish to serve just before the tomatoes are ripe. Margaret Mazikowski, of 4 Maz Farms in Madison County, shares ... Read More »