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Coconut Oil is the New Black

AUBURN, Ala. – Some may think coconut oil is nothing but the latest fad in dieting, but does it actually contain solid nutritional benefit?  Claims of its ability to boost energy, lower cholesterol and aid in weight loss have circulated for years, but a recent increase in demand for the product has more health professionals taking notice. Concerns over the high ... Read More »

Don’t Get Tricked When Trick or Treating

trick or treating

AUBURN, Ala.–It’s time for pumpkin patches, jack-o-lanterns, hay rides, colorful leaves–and most exciting for the kids–trick or treating on Halloween! As a parent or as an adult who will be handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, it is important to know how to keep children safe on Halloween. The following are a few tips for parents and homeowners from Leigh Akins, ... Read More »

Gardening Leads to a Harvest of Health

A research partnership between the University of Alabama at Birmingham, the Community Fund of Greater Birmingham, the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, and various groups of Master Gardeners of has led to a harvest of health among breast cancer survivors in Alabama. In 2010, the Comprehensive Cancer Center of UAB partnered with the Jefferson County Master Gardeners to begin a new ... Read More »

Making the Older Years Golden

Selma, Ala. — The Alabama Cooperative Extension System partnered with senior citizen service providers from across the Black Belt to celebrate the 25th Annual Senior Citizen Day on May 27. Vendors providing home health care services, healthy meals, medicare assistance and healthy living tips gathered at the Carl Morgan Convention Center, where more than 350 senior citizens from Dallas, Perry, Marengo, Wilcox, ... Read More »

Understanding Gluten

Every few years, certain words get thrown around so often it creates what some call a “fad.” Recently, gluten has been added to that list. Unfortunately, many people treat gluten free diets like a fad without fully understanding the health benefits and consequences of consuming gluten in a diet. Dr. Tamara C. Warren, a human nutrition, diet and health specialist with the ... Read More »

Tips for Cooking Healthier Faster

If you are a mom who is tired of cooking Mac & Cheese for your family three nights a week, we understand. Cooking meals that are heart healthy is easier said than done. Time is another obstacle. Most of the time moms do not have three hours to prepare a four-course meal that is nutritious and tastes good. Chante Myles, an urban regional ... Read More »

Make Spring Break Healthy

High school and college students look forward to spring break every year.  Although it is a fun holiday, it is known to be extremely unhealthy. Between binge drinking, junk food eating and lack of sun protection, spring break can be overly dangerous to our bodies. Are there ways to keep spring break fun, but more on the healthy side? According to ... Read More »

Healthy Smoothies – Without a Million Calories

                                                                   Photo via Google Public Use Search AUBURN, Ala. – As time goes on, life moves faster and faster. We are constantly on the go, so health can easily become a lesser priority. However, our well-being depends on our health, so it is best to make it a top priority. A great way to do this, while also staying busy, ... Read More »

Chia Seeds–The Real Story

chia seeds

Chia seeds have become a new health craze many people have started to utilize. Whether it’s adding Chia seeds to yogurts or smoothies, these seeds are being used everywhere. The real question remains on what the true health benefits are in these seeds. Like any new nutrition trend, there are many rumors surrounding the actual benefits of Chia seeds. After researching the benefits ... Read More »

Have a Healthy Heart

What can you do to have a healthier heart? Teresa Forehand, a regional health and nutrition agent with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System offers a few tips to help you keep your heart healthy and strong.   Don’t smoke. Smoking is not only linked to lung cancer, it’s also a contributing factor to heart disease. Heart disease is the number one ... Read More »