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Lantana: Hard Working Shrub for Home Landscapes


AUBURN, Ala.—If you’re looking for a blooming powerhouse, lantana is your answer. This perennial flowering woody deciduous plant, not only thrives with little moisture, but it does so with low effort. As summer settles in full force, lantana brightens yards and landscapes across the Southeast.  Neal Hargle,  an Alabama Extension home grounds says most people find it easy to grow lantana. Easy ... Read More »

Backyard Bird Sanctuary

Auburn, Alabama — Turning a backyard into a bird sanctuary can be accomplished with a few simple additions. Homeowners often enjoy the sounds of songbirds in the spring and hummingbirds create flits of color as they feed on bright flowers. FOOD SOURCES According to Alabama Extension Specialist Nancy Loewenstein, consistent food sources are an important element to creating a habitat for ... Read More »

What You Need to Know About Attracting Hummingbirds

Auburn, Alabama–Dr. Geoffrey Hill from Auburn University is a biology professor who specializes in ornithology. He discussed the benefits and some tips and tricks on attracting hummingbirds. “Hummingbirds are just neat animals,” Hill said. “I enjoy studying hummingbirds for the pure fun of it.” Where do hummingbirds migrate? According to Hill, Ruby-Throated hummingbirds migrate from Central America, across the Gulf of Mexico ... Read More »