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Homemade Baby Food Tips and Tricks

Auburn, Alabama — The foods that we see in stores are designed to have a shelf life of about two years according to fsis.usda.gov. To keep them fresh that long or longer, they have added preservatives and other chemicals. Increased preparation or cooking time is needed to eliminate certain toxins. During that cooking time all valuable vitamins and nutrients may be lost. ... Read More »

Five Commonalities in Healthy Marriages

Auburn, Alabama — No two people are exactly the same, just as no two relationships are exactly the same. However, the number one skill all couples must develop to ensure a long-lasting, healthy relationship is communication, according to an expert. Debra Ward, an Alabama Cooperative Extension System regional agent in human development and family studies, has guided multiple couples to healthy marriages. Ward advises ... Read More »

Grocery Shopping on a Budget

AUBURN, Ala.-Grocery shopping can be a drag, especially with rising food prices and trying to stay on a budget. With large amounts of food to buy, it’s sometimes hard to save money at the grocery store. With the help of Katie Funderburk, a registered dietitian and specialist with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, this list of tips was developed to help you ... Read More »

Healthy Smoothies – Without a Million Calories

                                                                   Photo via Google Public Use Search AUBURN, Ala. – As time goes on, life moves faster and faster. We are constantly on the go, so health can easily become a lesser priority. However, our well-being depends on our health, so it is best to make it a top priority. A great way to do this, while also staying busy, ... Read More »